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Hao Longbin is the Kuomintang to donate 1 million Hong Xiuzhu sing " I love you " – Sohu Military Channel text with map: KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu (left 2) 16 to the Taipei City Council basement auditorium, had attended a series of activities, Hong Xiuzhu comes into play, to Party members waving. China Taiwan network November 16th news: according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the KMT Chinese tonight (16 days) held a fundraiser, vice president Hao Longbin to donate NT $1 million, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu in front of Hao Longbin singing "I really love you, love you love you love to my heart, thank you a warm atmosphere. The money was "improper Party committee" freeze, the party is difficult to operate, fundraising activities. Taipei evening event held in Taipei City Council, a legislator, Alderman and supporters gongxiangshengju. Hong Xiuzhu said in a speech in Taiwan, Cai authorities under the government of the Kuomintang is precarious, roaring waves. The authorities want to "go Chinese Cai", making internal division, tearing and opposition to hollowing out Taiwan. Hong Xiuzhu said that the DPP authorities ruthless kill, liquidation, struggle to let the Kuomintang, KMT "victors", the Democratic Progressive Party to one party dictatorship. Even if the 10 Fen are not to be hunted, also never mind, the DPP can take away the assets of the Kuomintang, but can not take a party spirit and ideal. Regime can rotation, but the idea can not be replaced, thank you never abandon.相关的主题文章: