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He Saifei angrily: "little meat packaging not only know kung fu – Beijing producers Crazy Chase small meat to meat are soaring, and some of the old drama of bone status is far less than the descendants of a green hand. Tonight, Zhejiang TV "said the large value of combat", "old bones show" He Saifei live "questioned some meat actor only know the packaging does not work in the role, but broke a little meat temporarily free to change the play, the audience surprised. Zhou Jie subsequently endorsed He Saifei, said "meat" not only the color value. "Red lantern" in Mei Shan, "big family" in Yang Jiuhong, "sourdrang secret history" in harjol, He Saifei is fully deserve the hearts of the audience "old drama of bone". He Saifei believes that as actors need to experience ", their growth from the" flowers "to" old play bone ", had suffered a lot, the TV series" sourdrang secret history ", to a fall in the action is repeated several times, repeatedly try different angles; filming often injured," the three pin closure would stand up, after three days to shoot ", and this is a lot of hardship so little meat to do. She also spoke about his experience in the studio: the old actor in the scene are here, little meat to be long in coming, feel too few scenes required to change the play, He Saifei with emotion: "this is what the people!" (An Yi)相关的主题文章: