Hebei before the end of 2017, the main city public area covering free WIFI e3300

Hebei: before the end of 2017 main public areas cover free WiFi Xinhua Shijiazhuang September 15th news (reporter Wang Kun) reporter recently learned from the Hebei Provincial Department of industry, Hebei will accelerate the construction of wireless local area network (WiFi). By the end of 2017, Hebei will achieve full coverage of the province’s county-level cities in the main public areas free WiFi. Liu Yongting, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Department believes that the use of advanced communication technology, focusing on key industries and people’s needs, the construction of free WiFi network service platform, to achieve the mobile e-government, mobile commerce, mobile’s "Internet plus" service, the implementation of the information Huimin, the development of the information economy, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, it is very an important role. Liu Yongting said that the massive data collection, collation and analysis of the free WiFi network, can help the government to strengthen the management of city traffic management area, improve the daily monitoring and emergency response capacity, better city planning and management, boost industrial upgrading city, establish the information environment of low cost and high efficiency for the development of the city. Hebei Province, the construction of wireless local area network will build the province’s unified registration certification, unified service brand (i-Hebei, love Hebei), unified standards and norms of the free WiFi network. As of now, the main city of Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Handan, Luquan, Zhengding, Wuyi County free WiFi covering 720 hot spots, laying equipment 11 thousand and 800 Taiwan ap. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: