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Finance Do you need a hand finding an affordable dental plan? Many people do. It seems as though most dental insurance plans don’t have much sufficient coverage, even after their so called "waiting periods." They don’t cover any current problems for a full year! We’re so sorry, but can’t help you. It doesn’t really make sense to keep paying for it if I can’t use it. They said that if I’d bought it in the first place, I wouldn’t be having to wait now. At least I’ll be covered later. Hmmmmm.I need to do some figuring. Most dental insurance plans cost around $50.00 individually and as much as $100.00 for a family each month. That’s too much money, especially for as little as they pay. Here’s an example – Say I need to have a tooth pulled. Basically, I’m being told to wait twelve months and pay $600.00 in dental insurance premiums in order to have a procedure covered that only costs, at most, one third of that?|Let me make sure that I understand…You’re going to charge me six hundred dollars, but I can’t have my tooth fixed for twelve months? Oh, by the way. Then I find out that insurance doesn’t even cover the entire procedure. A 20% deductible still applies. Talk about a crock! So is there really such a thing as an affordable dental plan? Maybe, but I’m going to let you be the judge.Possibly, take a look for yourself. There is another option available, other than dental insurance, called dental discount plans. I heard a lot of hype about these recently so I thought I’d take a look at them. This is what I’ve found. Discount dental plans are, for one thing, affordable. Many of these plans are under $150.00 annually for the entire family and less for an individual. Discount dental plans are exactly that, but not insurance policies. This is how dental discount plans work. Sign up for the discount plan. After signing up you can visit a participating dentist usually within two days. These dentists are just like any others. Your dentist may even be a member! Discount plans simply offer you a much better price for each procedure, but the catch is that you must pay for the procedure at the time of your visit. No billing the insurance .pany, no deductibles, no age limits, no exclusions and pre-existing conditions are no problem. Your dentist loves these plans because by taking a cut in pay he actually .es out ahead in the long run because he doesn’t have to pay for billing, waiting, ect. They also save in other ways. They also take advantage of some great savings on equipment that they must have in order to operate their practice. Well, that wraps it up. Is this an affordable dental plan or do you think it’s a scam of some kind? I’ll let you be the judge of that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: