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Langfang Hengda Real estate holdings development once again host the largest shareholder hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: constant large holdings in Langfang once again host the largest shareholder securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang in the hot market, Hengda "quasi Jupai" strategy, Evergrande fourth placards again, the development of Langfang, becoming its largest shareholder again. Langfang development on October 30th evening announcement, Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd in October 28th two market holdings of shares in the company’s stock of 19 million 7 thousand and 500 shares, representing the company’s total share capital of 5%. After the holdings, Hengda Real Estate Development in Langfang holds 76 million 32 thousand and 100 shares, accounting for the total share capital of 20%. Hengda Real estate, said the holdings is mainly to grasp the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and policy opportunities, optimistic about the prospects for the future development of listed companies. Hengda Real estate again for the development of Langfang’s largest shareholder, but did not appoint any directors, supervisors and senior management to the development of Langfang, which has not yet formed a practical control of the development of Langfang. Therefore, the development of Langfang’s current controlling shareholder is still Langfang Investment Holdings Group Co., ltd.. However, Hengda Real Estate Holdings plan is still under implementation, said it did not rule out the actual control of Langfang and the right to exercise shareholder rights to participate in the development of Langfang’s business management. Langfang holdings currently holds a 15.3% stake in Langfang development, Hengda Real Estate and there have been many rounds of confrontation. In April 12th this year, Evergrande bought 5.005%, completed the first placards, then Langfang Holdings 13.34%. July 18th, Langfang holdings holdings announced plans to six months to increase holdings of $50 million to $500 million. Subsequently, Evergrande real estate from July 27th to July 29th to buy 4.995%, the shareholding ratio rose to 10%. The Langfang holding in July 21st, in July 22nd, in August 2nd holdings, the shareholding ratio increased to 13.5%. Evergrande non-stop, August 4th to buy 5%, third times more than the first time holding placards, Langfang become the first big shareholder. Langfang holding a sign of weakness, in August 5th August 9th to buy 543 thousand and 300 shares, holdings of 6 million 300 thousand and 400 shares, the shareholding ratio of 15.3%, to recapture the location of the first major shareholders. Today, Hengda Real estate has been completed four degrees placards, Langfang holding whether there will be further action holdings worth looking forward to. In addition, according to incomplete statistics, Hengda has held 20 shares of listed companies through various types of accounts. Hengda by several Affiliated Companies holdings Vanke A, life insurance capital account by Hengda holdings, the national technology Meiyan auspicious 17 companies were holding only Jiakai city and Langfang Evergrande through this platform. Hengda and deep room in the restructuring program, Hengda Real Estate as the subject, will be listed in the company. In October 3rd, the deep room, Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company Limited (deep housing controlling shareholder) theory相关的主题文章: