Hengda Real Estate the actual control of the future development of Langfang will not recommend Dong truffe

Hengda Real Estate: not currently the actual control of Langfang? The future development will recommend high Dong supervisor hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor original title: Langfang Hengda Real Estate Development: no there are definite plans to acquire control of the Chinese securities network development in Langfang October 31st evening announcement, the company received the relevant follow-up plan to Hengda Real estate shows that, as of now, no actual control of Hengda Real estate company formation, there is no clear plan for control of the company, and no clear plan in the next 12 months of the company’s main business is adjusted, not for sale in the next 12 months of the company or its subsidiaries and business assets Merger, joint venture or cooperation with others, or the company intends to purchase or replacement of assets restructuring plan. Company’s shares will resume trading on November 1st. Prior to this, Hengda Real Estate in October 28th to a total of 558 million of its own funds, through the SSE centralized auction trading system in the market of the two total holdings of 19 million 7 thousand and 500 shares in the development of Langfang, Langfang accounts for about 5% of the total share capital development. As of October 28th, the number of shares held by Evergrande real estate development in Langfang 76 million 32 thousand and 100 shares, accounting for about 20% of its total share capital, the largest shareholder of Langfang development. Notice that, as details of changes in equity report issued by the day, not to the Langfang Hengda Real estate development appoint any directors, supervisors and senior management personnel, the development of Langfang did not form the actual control, there is no clear plan for Langfang development control. The next 12 months, Hengda Real estate will be based on the specific implementation of the holdings plan, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the timely disclosure obligations. Detailed report of changes in equity as of the date of issue, Hengda Real estate not in clear plan within the next 12 months, the main business of listed companies to adjust, not for sale, merger, joint venture or cooperation with others in the next 12 months of the listed company or its subsidiaries, assets and business. Or the listed company intends to purchase or replacement of assets restructuring plan. In addition, a clear plan of Hengda Real Estate did not adjust the board of directors of the listed company and the senior management, which shall exercise the rights of shareholders, recommend qualified directors to a listed company, supervisors and senior management candidates, by the general meeting of shareholders of listed companies according to the relevant laws and regulations and the articles of association board of directors and supervisors of elections, and be appointed by the board of directors senior management personnel. In addition, Hengda Real Estate no amendments to the articles of association of the listed company’s plan, not on the listed company’s existing employment plans of the revised plan, also did not make major changes in the dividend policy of listed companies plan etc.. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: