Here it is again! The four car finished well grate when it can not. jiuyaogan

Here it is again! The four car finished well grate when can not Kengren yesterday morning peak hours, in Hedong District of five road tunnel from Dagu bridge to the new loop direction, because a row across the well grate authentic in a manhole cover off, resulting in four vehicles have caught lying nest, there are three vehicles with even strokes. And this is not the first time in this tunnel. When reporters arrived at the scene, the rest of the three cars have left, leaving only a red car is ready to be towed trailer. Maintenance personnel have arrived at the scene, the manhole cover repair. The reporter saw, the tilt of the manhole cover is in the middle of a row of wells. According to a citizen, more than 8 points two silver gray car and a black Land Rover in succession. One silver gray car was the most seriously damaged, the left front and rear wheels were flat, and the left front wheel hub was damaged, so it could only be towed away by the trailer. The other two cars had only one tire blowout, so they replaced the spare tire and drove off. And the red car is about 9 points after the move, after the move, the car turned to the problem, and can not drive away, only towed by the trailer. Many residents nearby said that this tunnel accident was not the first time, although it was repaired every time, but it would not be long before the repair was completed. According to the on-site maintenance personnel, are well grate frequent damage, and should be passing vehicles rolled about, especially large vehicle overweight. In this regard, many respondents said, hoping to come up with solutions as soon as possible, thoroughly solve the problem.

又是这里!四辆车趴窝 井篦子何时能不坑人   昨天早高峰时段,在河东区五经路隧道由大沽桥去往新环路方向,由于横跨地道的一排井篦子中有一个井盖掀起,导致四辆车先后中招趴窝,其中有三辆车是接连中招的。而这样的情况,在这个隧道已经不是第一次了。   记者赶到现场时,其余三辆车已经离开,只剩下一辆红色轿车正在准备被拖车拖走。维修人员已经赶到现场,对井盖进行修复。记者看到,这个翘起的井盖是在一排井篦子的中间位置。   据一位市民介绍,8点多有两辆银灰色轿车和一辆黑色路虎接连中招。其中一辆银灰色轿车损伤最重,左侧前后轮均爆胎,而且左前轮轮毂损坏,所以只能由拖车拖走。而另外两辆车则只有一个轮胎爆胎,所以换上备胎后便自行开走了。而红色轿车是大约9点多经过时中招的,中招后车辆转向出了问题,也无法开走,只能是由拖车拖走。   附近很多居民表示,这个地道出现这样的事故已经不是第一次,虽然每次都修,但修完没多久又会出现这种情况。据现场维修人员介绍,之所以井篦子经常出现损坏,应该与过路车辆的碾轧有关,尤其是超重的大型车辆。对此,不少受访者都表示,希望能够尽快想出应对办法,彻底将问题解决。相关的主题文章: