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Business I believe that it is familiar with the spy cameras product for us even now many people are using. Most popular and valuable spy camera products are: HD Spy Pen, Camera DVR, HD Spy Watch Camera, Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses Camera, Spy Button Camera DVR, Spy Car Key, Bathroom Spy Camera Spy Radio Camera, Spy Toothbrush Camera, and shaving cream spy bathroom camera, soap box spy hidden camera. But hidden spy camera sunglasses are special unlike some spy cameras. Unlike some spy cameras–specifically the Coke can, chewing gum, and Dust Buster varieties–this gumshoe special isn’t a dummy product. It’s a functional pair of shades that also happens to include a teeny, 1.3-megapixel video camera right between the peepers. Hidden spy camera sunglasses hold 1GB to 8GB of memory, and can shoot from 1 to 12 hours of video. A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the spy glasses for 2 hours between charges. These hidden spy camera sunglasses have a built-in pinhole spy camera, a microphone and a DVR. The Sunglass Recorder has a resolution of 720×480 pixels and a recording speed of 30 fps, which means that it records in real time. It uses a Micros (TF) card (supports up to 4GB which will record up to 4-5 hours). When you want to record, you first turn on the sunglass camera by pressing the on/off switch down for 4 to 5 seconds. A green and a blue light will turn on indicating that the hidden spy camera sunglasses is now ready to record. To record, simply press the play/stop button for 4 to 5 seconds and the blue light will start blinking indicating that the unit is now recording. Now just walk around and start recording exactly what you see. It really is that simple. To stop recording, simply press the play/stop button down one more time for 4 to 5 seconds and the unit will stop recording. If you like the hidden spy camera sunglasses that you want to buy more you can choose Wholesale Spy Sunglass . Most of products have no minimum order requirements, so you can shop retail products at wholesale prices! Wholesalers can shop big and get even larger discounts! If you do not like the sunglasses there is other choice Wholesale Security Camera for you to choose what you love. Perhaps you already have spy camera in your home and you use it happy. But I want to tell you the hidden spy camera sunglasses are special if you have one you will be happier and more convenient when you use it. You will find the fun quickly with the hidden spy camera sunglasses. Source from: http://www.spycameraeshop.com/blog/Hidden-Spy-Camera-Sunglasses-is-special-unlike-some-spy-cameras/ 相关的主题文章: