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High leverage with the capital of the gray game can play for how long? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million summer – seeing him from Zhu Lou, seeing his dinner guests, he saw the building collapsed, "the libretto by Kong Shangren in" Peach Blossom Fan "in writing to describe the past two years the gray with a capital stock market seems particularly appropriate. The second half of the year before the stock market rebound, investors have shot dormant for a long time, with a capital stock company also ushered in the spring, the line of full flowering. Although there is no specific statistics on the scale of the scale of foreign capital, but there are brokerage analysis, as of last year, the various forms of OTC funds with a scale of 1 trillion yuan -1.5 trillion yuan. Then the regulators thorough investigation of OTC capital distribution, to the securities issued a notice requiring self financing business outside, full stop off with capital data port services, including Hundsun HOMS system with capital. At this point, the fiery off the field with investors gradually withdraw from the field of vision. However, since the beginning of the year with the market warming, outside the capital, its popularity return of A shares, the long silence outside with capital and the emergence of signs of a stirring among the dry bones. Many cities began to appear with the company to push the capital, online advertising with the financial companies also appeared on the network. Many investors because of the commitment of 5 times the capital of the company or even the leverage of 10 times, with a small and broad mind once again aroused, from each gray with the capital allocation of capital market. However, they have ignored the compliance with the company’s capital, forget the risk of leverage market. In June 15th last year, a notice had run away to attract people’s attention, Zhangzhou Hui Lin Cci Capital Ltd said: "this money can not be returned to you, how much money you say is not bad, I want to stage a comeback, don’t need the money, you may also have, I now go back home, do not come to me I can’t find, to you, is hereby announced!" – this one with the capital of a legal person a month crazy investors 300 million yuan, issued a statement in front of the foot so arrogant. As the capital with the company so that the last run away in the market is not a small number, with capital platforms such as "ants with capital" such propaganda, false information is more in name than in reality is not isolated cases. In fact, with the capital business has been on the edge of the legal gray zone. There are legal persons believe that the Internet is actually financing shares with the financing business, the need for the approval of the Commission, undocumented business may involve illegal business. And, as is known to all, out of the gray with a great risk of capital, if the problem is also great harm. Through the exchange of funds into the stock market, the stock market crash triggered the opening line, investors will suffer heavy losses. Initially, when the two financial business launch, the broker has access to the threshold of the two financial business has a clear requirement, which investors must have assets of more than $500 thousand, and the need to meet the account opening period of more than 6 months. Behind the provisions of the high threshold, the implication is to remind the business risks. The current allocation of capital company 10 thousand yuan will be able to carry out the allocation of capital business, although it is known to reduce Investor Funding threshold, but in fact is to reduce the risk of investors on the alert. Therefore, no matter what investors do相关的主题文章: