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High prices stop: the local regulation has not only test the ultimate focus of city housing prices continue to rise in August 70 large and medium-sized city housing prices released August 70 large and medium-sized city prices rose expand hot city or regain the purchase credit limit / reporter Liang Min, in August two or three city Xiangming, hot spot prices are still "heat reclaim". In the country 70 large and medium-sized city, most new home prices rose ten, concentrated in the second city, which Zhengzhou led the country to 5.6% QoQ increase. Prices continued to rise so that local governments had to tighten control policies. Following Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou since yesterday, also in some areas to implement the restriction policy. Analysts said that the heat of the hot city, then there will be more cities to limit the purchase of the loan limit, and does not rule out the introduction of policies to further strengthen the tightening measures. The second tier hot city prices led the country 19, the National Bureau of statistics released data show that in August 70 large and medium-sized city houses and second-hand housing prices rose in the city were 64 and 57, respectively, last month increased 13 and 6. From the price point of view, the chain and the number of cities rose over the last month has increased, which rose more than 2% of the city has 16, an increase of more than 20% of the city has more than. National Bureau of statistics city division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei said in the interpretation of the data, the city point of view, one or two, three lines of new houses and second-hand housing prices rose more than in July. Among them, the second tier cities are particularly prominent. In 70 large and medium cities, the price of new homes in August, regardless of the chain or the previous year’s top ten most of the second tier cities, especially in Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing and other hot second tier cities continue to heat up. From the chain data, Zhengzhou rose 5.6%, becoming the country’s new home in August rose the highest city, followed by Shanghai, Wuxi, Hefei, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen, Beijing, Shijiazhuang and. While the data reflect the price rise is more ferocious, including Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, the three hot second tier cities gainers, up more than 38%. Zhengbao reporter combing the last 6 months of statistics also found that every month the price of new home prices rose nearly three of the second tier cities, including Xiamen, Hefei, the highest frequency of occurrence. Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin Zhengbao in an interview with reporters said, first-tier cities prices high, fund investment and speculation began to withdraw from the first-tier cities into the second tier city, which makes some second tier city prices begin to go beyond first-tier cities. And now Zhengzhou, Wuxi and other two or three cities began to appear hot prices rose significantly, the pressure to control prices began to rise. In fact, the second tier cities in the heat of the property market is not only reflected in the overall sales volume and price rise, but also in the front end of the land market continued to boom king. August, Zhengzhou, Zhuhai, Wuxi and other places were born at the history of the most expensive land, and some new king price is soaring early. "The most expensive land is the greatest risk for future first-tier cities, the property market turnover has slowed, second tier city part of the hot hot deal, land prices led." Centaline chief analysis.相关的主题文章: