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"Speed Raiders" Guo Jingjing high altitude rotation pressure – People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s network Beijing, September, 12 (by Tang Ping) "is not so smooth." What is it that makes Kenneth Fok such a sigh? On Friday, Shenzhen satellite TV, "the amazing race" ushered in a key battle for three seats, Guo Jingjing once again challenge high-altitude tasks, without fear of the field, the standard of graceful movements, let Kenneth Fok continue to incarnate "many brother, but one episode is almost let" crystal just a couple "stop in Mexico. From Beijing’s bird’s nest "Yi cloud Feixian" to Tokyo and then to Losangeles roller coaster, "heart beat Hollywood", Guo Jingjing in a variety of high altitude tasks are shown in a good state of mind. Especially a roller coaster in Tokyo, Kenneth Fok has been called "finished" because of the tension, and next to Guo Jingjing was very calm and composed. Mexico came to the stage, players need to climb thirty meters platform, hanging on the high speed rotating equipment and a head down position to complete the action, and in this round against Guo Jingjing is still. You can see in the "speed" from Raiders, since the program launched by the audience as "Chinese good husband" Kenneth Fok seems worried about security issues, ask for his wife, Guo Jingjing: "are you afraid of? This can be more than ten meters, the thirty meters." In the process of Guo Jingjing challenge, he began to encourage Guo Jingjing, shouting loudly, his wife refueling!" But "shenqingruyan" Guo Jingjing is full of calm, but also to make a movement with ease. Seeing Guo Jingjing step by step smoothly, Kenneth Fok clapped and cheered "Wow, cool", "fan brother" model open again. "The amazing race" crystal just a couple "the first variety show, along the way, two people not only frequently show affection, and encourage each other, go hand in hand, become a combination of strong program. In the first phase of the Atlanta station, they are a way of hanging open, first prize. Different from Atlanta’s brainchild, Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing met in Mexico. It turned out that the couple met in Mexico City confused taxi driver, sent them to the wrong place, and then two people lost their way, spent a lot of time. In the count every minute and second "Amazing Race", a small mistake could lead to the final ranking is not ideal, Kenneth Fok in the "ultimate Raiders" also Mexico stage to do the analysis: "in addition to the puzzle, the project time is not much, basically can be done within ten minutes, so if behind. It is hard to get." Fortunately, the two speed up the task to make up for the waste of time, and finally get a place in the decisive battle of rio. (commissioning editor Tang Ping and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: