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Hong Kong media: "miss Germany or for fear of China Belt and Road Initiative" original title: Hong Kong media: to Chinese worry, or lead to "miss Germany Belt and Road Initiative" Hongkong "South China Morning Post" the November 14th article, the original title: the Chinese worry or by Germany in the "The Belt and Road" behind now, Sino German business relationship it seems clouded. Germany is afraid of the country’s key high-tech industries by the Chinese government under the strategic planning of Chinese investors to buy light, but also worried that the German enterprises in China suffered unfair disadvantage". Many officials no longer consider reciprocal trade and investment to be a win-win for both countries, and some even argue that "win-win" may mean "China wins two times."". Over the years, German government and business leaders are very enthusiastic about bilateral trade and investment with china. Now, the German government seems to make a new start. It is true that Germany must protect the interests of the state and express concern to support the legitimate interests of German companies, but only to emphasize the difficulties and potential risks of Sino German business relations, and can not make the German industry and enterprises stronger. The new Silk Road along with several government China welcome "The Belt and Road" initiative, while Germany has shown positive and reluctant attitude. Although the "The Belt and Road" may bring a lot of opportunities, but the German government does not have a unified strategy. The potential benefits of the German government not to seek "The Belt and Road", and attention to a fairly minor problems, such as whether to comply with European regulations China bidding method and infrastructure project management. Gabriel, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economic affairs, said in a recent visit to Hongkong, "China is different from us. China has a strategy." Simply blame Chinese may help to avoid Gabriel’s SPD further decline in the polls, the rise may also delay the new right-wing "German Party". But Germany lacks the strategy of developing business relations between China and Germany in the next few years. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: