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Hospital complaint was involved with gangs of civil servants Occupation: legal news propaganda – Sohu unidentified persons gathered in the hall of the hospital to play cards. The hospital for Chinese youth network on 9 February, (reporter Zhao Ming) in Zhengzhou downtown area, a hospital by a large number of unidentified persons "occupation" in more than 20 days, a female employee was scared of premature. In the incident, a former police station chief, the current judicial public figure appeared frequently, attracting attention. The hospital was surrounded by unidentified people and surrounded by a large number of unidentified people. Video clip, Bauhinia Square is one of the most prosperous areas in Zhengzhou, not far away is the Henan provincial Party committee and provincial government. The letter Plaza next to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine from December 25th last year to January 15th this year for 22 days, was little more than a hundred, a few number of unidentified persons occupy containment. These people pulling banners, placed wreaths, paper money, cards, driving around with. An unidentified person occupying the hospital". The hospital network screenshot that cause is between hospital president Wang Guangyu and his wife Li Jing economic disputes, has appealed to the court, is to take legal proceedings, but suddenly a lot of unidentified persons involved. Live video and photos show a ferocious expression inside and outside the hospital about a man, sometimes even reach the degree of congestion, depressing aura. An unidentified person occupying the hospital". Video screenshot "unidentified person" laying wreaths at the hospital. Hospital for map hospital said, at most a day to more than 100 people, the president in the building for 17 hours, and finally take advantage of the dark broke the door to escape. The school office director said that the first nurse was frightened to drill under the table, the hospital two pregnant female employees due to excessive shock, a premature, a red, a staff was scared to resign. In the event of judicial official figure of the Ministry of health, the Ministry of public security have jointly issued a notice to prohibit any unit or individual for any reason, means to disrupt the normal medical institutions treatment order, and expressly lists burning paper money, furnishings hall, placed wreaths, mobbing and other types of behavior. The scene in the video, repeatedly a covered mask man identity is director of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice Office of Guo Zhiyong, a former police officer, director of the police station also worked for many years. The president of the hospital said Guo Zhiyong was deeply involved in the incident. Guo Zhiyong, director of the office of the Judicial Bureau of Zhengzhou, was wearing a mask at the scene. Video screenshot as police and judicial officials, director of the police station, and a large number of unidentified people have appeared together to participate in economic disputes, inconsistent with the current tightening Party discipline environment. It is understood that Guo is the dispute side of Li Jing’s relatives. The hospital director Guo said, not only personally to the scene, but also directly on behalf of the other party with my talks, saying the threat. Civil servants called "using rest time to publicize the law", wearing masks and tearing banners at the scene for Guo Zhiyong. Video screenshot "unidentified person" occupied the hospital while Guo Zhiyong was upstairs negotiating with the dean. In order to understand the situation comprehensively, the hospital sent a letter to the Judicial Bureau of Zhengzhou for the interview in January 15th. The same day, containment occupied the hospital 22 days "unidentified person".

医院投诉被公务员带黑帮占领 涉事者:宣传法律-搜狐新闻 “不明身份人士”在医院大厅围聚打牌。医院供图   中国青年网2月9日电(记者赵明)在郑州繁华区域,一医院被大量不明身份人士“占领”20多天,有女员工被惊吓早产。事件中,一名前派出所长、现司法公务人员的身影频频出现,引人关注。   医院被 “不明身份人士”占领 大量“不明身份人士”包围医院。视频截图   紫荆山广场是郑州最繁华区域之一,距离不远就是河南省委省政府。广场旁的美信中医院从去年12月25日到今年1月15日长达22天里,被少则几十号、多则上百号的“不明身份人士”围堵占据。这些人扯条幅、摆花圈、烧纸钱、驱赶患者、围聚打牌。 占领医院的“不明身份人士”。网络截图   医院称,起因是医院院长王广宇与其弟媳李静之间的经济纠纷,已诉诸法院,正在走法律程序,但突然大量“不明身份人士”介入。   现场视频和照片显示,医院内外围聚大量表情凶恶的壮汉,有时甚至达到拥挤的程度,气场压抑。 占领医院的“不明身份人士”。视频截图 “不明身份人士”在医院摆满花圈。医院供图   院方称,最多一天来了一百多人,把院长控制在楼里17个小时,最后是趁天黑砸破门才逃了出去。院办主任说,起初有护士被吓得钻到桌子底下,医院两个怀孕女员工因惊吓过度,一个早产,一个见红,有员工被吓得辞职。   事件中出现司法公务人员身影   卫生部、公安部曾联合发布通告,禁止任何单位、个人以任何理由、手段扰乱医疗机构正常诊疗秩序,并明文列出焚烧纸钱、摆设灵堂、摆放花圈、聚众滋事等几种行为。   现场视频中,屡次出现一名蒙着口罩的男子,身份是郑州市司法局办公室主任郭志勇,以前是警察,还干过多年派出所所长。医院院长称,郭志勇深度参与这起事件。 现场戴口罩者为郑州司法局办公室主任郭志勇。视频截图   身为司法公务人员、前警察和派出所所长,竟和大量“不明身份人员”一起出现参与经济纠纷,与当下党纪不断收紧的大环境不符。据了解,郭是这起纠纷一方李静的亲戚。医院院长说,郭不仅亲自到现场,而且还直接代表对方跟自己谈判,放话威胁。   当事公务员称“利用休息时间宣传法律” 现场戴口罩、扯条幅者为郭志勇。视频截图 “不明身份人士”占领医院的同时,郭志勇在楼上与院长谈判。医院供图   为全面了解情况,1月15日,本网致函郑州市司法局提出采访要求。当天,围堵占据医院22天的“不明身份人士”全部撤走。   1月19日,郭志勇回复:是医院院长指使的社会人员拿棍棒打砸医院设施假装被绑架;自己去医院是利用休息时间向医院员工和院长亲属宣传法律,合理合法;戴口罩是因为郑州雾霾严重。   1月22日,郭再次致函本网陈述意见:医院方投诉其指使“黑社会”完全是诬告陷害,对方应拿出证据而不是靠联想;所谓的“黑社会”是否黑社会应由公安机关和法院认定。郭志勇还表示,他保留向有关部门举报投诉失实报道的权利,如果本网发表“明显有失公允,严重失实的稿件”,他将向法院提起诉讼。   2月2日,记者赶赴郑州希望采访郭志勇,郭要求次日见面。3日,郭约记者中午去其办公室。记者赶到后,郭说自己不在,另外称这是个人私事在单位采访不妥,等下班后再说。下午五点,郭再次改口,称需要记者先书面回答他的若干问题,再考虑见还是不见。相关的主题文章: