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Hot: graduates do not want to do the civil service start financial governance reform and innovation brokerage get together under the background of globalization forum Sina Financial News from the youth reform and innovation forum, Research Institute, China new supply in the Modern Capital Economics Research Institute, Research Institute, Minsheng Bank Chinese and globalization think-tank co hosted the fifth session of the youth "in reform open forum (New Mogan Mountain conference · 2016)" on September 24th -26 in Zhejiang province at Deqing County Mogan Mountain. Under the background of globalization, the financial governance and reform and innovation forum are discussed as follows. Lu Jinyong, director of the FDI Research Center, said the two years is quite hot brokerage, this hot there are several performance: first, before I have a lot of students go to the bank, and now a lot of brokerage. Second, when the teacher’s day this year, I had two students called, more than and 20 people together to eat a meal, many of them have been allocated to PetroChina, COFCO, are some of the large central enterprises and manufacturing enterprises, have said that the teacher Lu, I want to transfer, I asked where he go. I want to go to the brokerage said. Issued bonds, information management, and many other businesses can do, in addition to the high income brokerage." JP Morgan chief economist of Greater China, said Zhu Haibin, whether it is the financial sector, investment funds, PE, VC, Internet banking, who recently from the money, who has liquidity, who is close to the money who earn money. So now the problem is the gap between the financial system and the real economy is more and more big, "we said the financial support of the real, to say that the traditional entity to the corresponding credit, now the entire financial system of credit, especially in capitalist countries, the capital market is a lot of many financial instruments, to trade for the purpose, with the corresponding entity." To correct the excessive development of finance, how to make financial support for innovation, such as innovation and made in China 2025, which is where the money is expected to come in, but the problem is that a lot of money and other aspects of the P2P. "Yes, we would like to look at the phenomenon, from the flow of students want to see what the trend of China today." Minsheng Bank Research Institute president Huang Jianhui explained, first, with the sustained development of Chinese economy, the overall level of China the development of the financial industry, to more than a dozen years ago, greatly improved; second, from the revenue, financial practitioners income are higher than many foreign enterprises. "Especially after 08 years of financial crisis, like Citibank, a dozen years ago everyone listen to Citibank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan must be looking for a long time, a" Citi "and" Goldman ", people are wearing suits, pull rod box, it shines, we can not help looking at a step back." Chinese banks, securities firms, the strength of the Chinese banks, income levels, indeed, a lot of rise. Huang Jianhui pointed out, this is why three or four years ago, the civil service exam particularly hot, and this is not much of the one or two years." Now the civil service and foreign companies are not so attractive in the past. That everyone into the financial sector, why go to the brokerage firms, rather than go to the bank? Huang Jianhui explained, do not want to go to the bank, because from the perspective of public opinion, from the perspective of the bank’s financial statements, the statements of the past two years is not really good. Regardless of the growth rate of Bank相关的主题文章: