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How much the children can read books? – Sohu maternal and child now, parents are aware of the importance of reading to the child. However, many parents have such a question, whether the child should start reading it? From the age of zero, so that reading in the minds of children. Picture book is a perfect way to cultivate children’s reading habits, but some parents complain, can let the child eyes shine only electronic products, even other toys are heat for three minutes, let alone stop reading books. In fact, when the baby is 0 years old, the mother can begin to let the baby contact books. The sooner let the children touch the picture more conducive to cultivate children’s reading habits. According to a study in the United States Illinois University shows that preschool children have learned to read have one thing in common, that is their parents began very early reading to them, and make them form a good habit of reading. Don’t put the picture book as a very serious thing, for example to allow 0 year olds to read picture books, the key is not in the eyes of "read", also is to listen, touch, turn, bite or even hold the parents as early as possible, let the children touch the books, it is very important to to develop good reading habits after. The only thing to note is that the smaller the baby to read the book on the higher the material requirements, we must pay attention to the purchase of safe materials. How to choose picture books for the baby? Look at the age of award-winning list of books, is a good choice. Some parents began to hoard books "in newborn children, do not give the baby to see, but the baby does not seem to be interested in, what is the reason? It is with the age of the child, the baby in each age stage of the growth and development characteristics are different, the corresponding picture is different, just like the old baby food and half year old baby food is completely different, suggested that mothers when selecting books for your baby, choose your baby age the picture book. For example, 0 ~ 2 years old baby reading needs is understanding the simple geometry, then we can choose the corresponding to the children to read books, such as "blue and yellow" is a good choice. In addition, the children of this age are also interested in contrasting color, also love alike and their small animal, such as the "series" is a set of Miffy is very suitable for the book. However, the market of children’s books of various kinds and uneven quality, and how to find a pair of good "eye" parents buy content good books for your child? The three method is recommended to everyone: the first method is to list reference picture book reading promotion and Master books, they are usually very close to the list of various types of books, as long as some parents understand, to be able to choose appropriate picture books. The second method is to search for a number of award-winning works on the network, these books are generally very high quality. The third way is to some picture gallery, now many large and medium-sized city will offer some of the children Museum, parents can take their children to read and communicate picture book shop. In addition to the picture book art style, literature, story.相关的主题文章: