How Restaurants Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing-sugus

Marketing Social Media Marketing is being used by almost all trades and industries to create brand awareness, to promote their reputation and customer interaction. With many in the rat race, the Restaurant Business does not lag behind and are keeping up pace by being talked about in Twitter, Facebook and in many other Blogs. Review sites, Blogs, Comments and Forums have talks everywhere. Creating Google Alerts for keywords and brand names can also lead to a number of new clients to ring the cash registers. Some smart restaurants are also using Facebook to market their stuff. Since most members have their birthdays and anniversaries listed many restaurants Marketing Liaison and Supervisors send out notification with a bunch of discounts to prospective Facebook users whose birthdays are at hand. This method can not only make the user feel good that someone cares to know what they are going to do on their big day but it also does not feel like a spam mail has been sent. So gold is struck in both ways. Adding your restaurants details like the name and location to your Twitter account along with a picture can work wonders when you tweet something. After that you just start finding and following. A tweet a day will surely find its way and managing posts that remain interesting must be kept in mind. The first set of comments could be a menu highlight or a days special, a customers experience with your restaurant or even a local story that happened the other day. Just remember to get things that are catchy like a fairytale wedding picture or any other local business that twitters. Get feedbacks from people asking them how they liked the weekend cuisine or suggest a new menu? Giving out gift vouchers every week is also a great idea for your restaurant to earn perks. Be creative and go all out to please your customers as you all know that the customer is always the king. See more at: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: