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Jewelry-Diamonds Pearl necklaces were wore by both men and women. They were the main ornaments of the dresses among the ancient people. They were consisted of pearl beads in various qualities and shapes and designed according to the situation of a person. The main styles of the pearl necklaces are normally the same. They are always the best ornament or gift in the world. We can learn some secrets and the analyses of them. Firstly, we have to know the variety of the pearl beads of the pearl necklaces. The sold pearls are mainly the south sea pearls and freshwater pearls. The former ones have the nice luster, which are expensive than the latter ones. Secondly, the length of the pearl necklace should be suitable for the neck. That is to say, the short neck may wear the long necklace, while the long neck may wear the short necklace. That can balance the disproportion between the necklace and neck. Pearl necklaces are named by how low they are hung when around the neck. A collar, measuring 10 to 13 inches, sits directly against the throat and is not hung down the neck at all. Collars are often made of multiple strands of pearls. Pearl chokers, measuring 14 to 16 inches in length, nestle at the base of the neck. A strand, measuring 17 to 19 inches in length, is down to or just below the collarbone. A matinee length, measuring 20 to 24 inches in length, falls just above the breasts. An opera length, measuring 28 to 35 inches in length, is long enough to reach the breastbone or sternum of the wearer. A pearl rope, measuring more than 45 inches in length, is any length that longer than an opera. In an uniform strand, all pearls are classified by the same size. A uniform strand of Japanese pearls, for example, will measure within 0.5 millimeter. So a strand will never be 7 millimeter, but will be 6.5-7 millimeter. Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls are all measured to a full millimeter when they are considered as uniform strand. A graduated pearl strand often has at least 3 millimeter of differentiation from the end to the center of the necklace. A 3.5 millimeter, 3 millimeter to 7 millimeter graduated strand was much more affordable than a uniform strand because most of the pearls were small. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: