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How to eliminate forehead wrinkles   7 coup to help you eliminate wrinkles – Fashion – original title: how to eliminate forehead wrinkles 7 coup to help you eliminate wrinkles and some people will see a rise of wrinkles. The forehead forehead wrinkles. The appearance of wrinkles, It differs from man to man. factors is relatively few, the day after tomorrow. Are generally born, many stripes, vertical stripes are rare. A lot of water loss, malnutrition, touch bad habits, strong sunlight can cause wrinkles of the stimulus. So how to do one? How to eliminate wrinkles? Following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few big coup to help you get rid of wrinkles. Facial expressions to naturally reduce hand to face contact. Get rid of supporting face, supporting the face and forehead touching the small action. To be confident, upright, look at the angle of elevation only from facial features look up, to love moving eyebrows, are imperceptibly carved wrinkles. So you have to give up these bad posture and not confident attitude. Massage using anti wrinkle lotion or cream nutrition nutrition anti wrinkle lotion or cream, hair with a towel over the hoop, the forehead skin tight, and then coated with anti wrinkle products, but do not use super anti wrinkle skin care products in the stomach, with the middle finger, index finger, ring finger and gently massage. About 20 minutes, so every day sooner or later each time, persist for 1 months, can reduce or even eliminate wrinkles. Wash your face, pay attention to the water temperature of the skin moisture content is less than 10%, the skin was dry state, that is, the appearance of rough relaxation, wrinkles, so the skin to make up the water temperature should not be too high. Use lukewarm water wash, wash with a towel to gently press dry. In addition, using an egg white, put a little vinegar, half teaspoon of honey and mix thoroughly after the forehead mask DIY. The use of cosmetics to choose some proper water depth and contain collagen, accelerate skin The new supersedes the old. functional skin care products, massage to promote cell renewal of your hands and four fingers on the belly of forehead, arched, press 6 seconds. The fingers slowly expanded, 1 cm apart, and then press 5 seconds. So until the hands move to the temple. Then put the arched fingers across her brow, also pressed for 5 seconds, moving to the hairline to distance up every last interval is 5 seconds press. Stand shampoo usually a lot of people are bending over to wash, but have to bend over and wash your hair together tight forehead, to prevent water from entering the eyes, so it is easy to grow wrinkles. So standing shampoo is the best way. Sooner or later, with a mild cleanser thoroughly Cleansing Cream remove dirt on the face, wash your face with your fingers to rub the forehead part vertical, around the eyes from the inside out, hit the ring until the eyes, on both sides of the nose to the vertical face to the ear from the middle of the following, and around the mouth are the horizontal rubbing. (Jiang Qi cormon, commissioning editor: car)相关的主题文章: