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This is definitely a subject that I will catch some heat from our friends in the industry, but the book I read states that the truth will set you free. We started in networking in January 1979 right out of college. Had tremendous success and semi retired in 1991, so over the last 34 years you can definitely say, we have seen it all. How to guarantee failure in network marketing is born from greed, ego and the inability of so called leaders to adapt to changing markets. How To Guarantee Failure In Network Marketing Guru Worship Today so called gurus are always pointed out as the shining example of what you could be. Be careful who you listen to . The large majority of these gurus are not teaching what they actually do to make money. Many make huge amounts of money selling training materials with less than 10% coming from the business you are considering. When someone is teaching you to do something they are not doing, beware! This is the first step in how to guarantee failure in network marketing. Now lets examine what they are teaching you. Write down a list of everyone you know, friends, family, co-workers etc. You then schedule 2 to 3 meetings or parties at your house and invite everyone over and show them the plan. You can also meet each person for a one on one or a 2 on one with your sponsor at local coffee shops. Out of those that say they were coming only 1 out of 10 will have an interest. You will follow up with them and sign up those that are interested, and teach your new recruits to do the same. Following this marketing program is the next step in how to guarantee failure in network marketing. How you ask? The success rate in the industry, is 3% will ever make money, that means that 97% never show a profit, ever. Sounds like a great training program, huh! Who you come into business with is just as important as the business itself. Choosing poorly with the people you enter business with is how to guarantee failure in network marketing. My father in law had a great saying, your actions speak so loudly I cant hear a word your saying. Leaders say, lets do it together! Gurus say go do it. How To Guarantee Failure In Network Marketing Bright Shiny Objects When considering joining a networking company, you will want to interview who will be teaching you. Many so called gurus suffer from BSOS, which is short for Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. How do you determine if someone suffers from BSOS? If anyone you are interviewing has been in 2 -3 or more networks in the last 5 years, RUN before you catch BSOS which is how to guarantee failure in network marketing. So how does someone catch BSOS? It starts in the training program that is described above. After 6 to 12 months of beating their heads against the wall, and doing everything they are told to do, attend seminars, go to meetings, buy all the tools that your upline offers, you are not making any money with no prospects that will change. So, the distributor surmises that they picked the wrong company and they find the NEXT Bight Shiny Object and start all over again. Every 6 to 12 months on average distributors are beating their heads against the wall following the same formula that doesnt work. I know several friends who have been in at least 5 or more networks in the the last 2-3 years alone. How to guarantee failure in network marketing is repeating the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results. The marketing methods that you are learning were developed in the late 1960s and worked well through the 70s and 80s but began to start showing cracks in the mid 90s as the Internet age was gaining prominence. People just dont want to do what is being asked of them. How many of you want to chase around your friends and family, go to malls to prospect people. Make calls to prospects all night long. How did any of this work for you? Be honest now, I know the answer. No one is making any sustained profits from their primary business utilizing this program, even the 3% who succeed are having a hard time sustaining their incomes. How to guarantee failure in network marketing by continued the same outdated marketing system that just doesnt work anymore. How To Guarantee Failure In Network Marketing The Future Is Now Network marketing is a great vehicle to generate additional income for your family, but utilizing the training discussed above will only guarantee you failure. You have an opportunity to learn how the professionals are marketing on the internet building their businesses without chasing friends and family, no meetings or parties, no making phone calls or the rest of the nonsense your upline has been teaching you that doesnt work. We completely transformed our business 100% online and is completely automated. We have included a FREE TRAINING that will teach you how you can run an Internet business the way the professionals do generating 30 to 50 high quality leads and sponsoring 2-4 people every single day. Is this possible you ask? It is not only possible but we are teaching and implementing this platform all over the world helping people build their business who have never had success in the past. How to guarantee failure in network marketing is easy, keep repeating the same old mistakes, or learn from your mistakes and change your future by clicking the link below. 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