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Home-Improvement Installing clay tile roofs might be a bit more work and even cost a few extra dollars, however the quality and durability pay for the initial outlay. These types of roofs are much better at holding up in the weather elements, and this is especially important in those locations where there is harsh weather. Once the decision has been made to install the clay tiles the homeowner should look at the cities or local government’s code to determine if a building permit is needed, even though it is only installing a roof, many require a permit. The next step is of course to visit the home improvement store to purchase the necessary materials. What Materials and How Much Most homeowners have trouble determining all the products that are necessary to .plete the job. While the home improvement roofing professional can help with the amount of tile shingles, it is important to have an accurate measurement of the roof. This will assist in determining the amount or number of tiles to purchase. Other items that will be needed are galvanized nails, a tile cutting saw, hammer tacker, plywood sheathing, flashing and a pry bar. Depending on the condition of the fascia boards and possibly even the upper siding of the home, these items might need to be replaced. A Few Helpful Tips For Clay Tile Roofs Like installing any other type of roofing, clay tile roofs have a few little tips that can help make the process go a little smoother. One of the easiest ways to install clay tiles is to work from a diagonal position, starting at the lowest edge of the roof. The nails need to be placed through pre-drilled holes in the tile; this must be .pleted of course before getting started! Also place the ridge and hip tiles very last! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: