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For Hu Huanyong, 20 days through China (12) – Sohu travel all the way to the north, from around Shaanxi into the territory of Shanxi, the first station on the edge of the Yellow River lijiashan. After Luochuan, along the way countless vendors sell apples in Luochuan, taste good, a lot better than I imagined. It is said that the value of the current Luochuan Apple brand is at least 2 hundred million, the operation of the local government is good, I hope people can get benefits. Lijiashan, because Wu Guanzhong was not known, it is located in Shanxi Qikou town five km south of the Yellow River shore, hidden in the depths of the mountains, ethereal and elegant. Then go to Wu Li Shan folk songs, at first glance, exclaimed: "here like " Han ", he said: look like a lonely tomb from the outside, it is a very ancient exquisite cave." Lijiashan picture in the Yellow River on the edge of the upper left corner of the building is in the lap of our trip to the well-known, far and near, disappointed, two years ago to have no taste, is the Qikou town large demolition and construction, estimated later reduced to the bustling town of the same. Li Shan is the Loess Plateau, hilly territory, ravines, Liang Mao stretching, the surface reduced to fragments. There are two channels to Lijiashan, one is from Henan Ping along the road to climb along the way, overlooking the thundering roar of the Yellow River Datong moraine; one is along the the Yellow River River, down from the beach called kylin beach, such as Masaoki, can also visit the moraine, admiring the surging, in a thundering rage two moraine spirit, which makes you really appreciate the spirit of the Yellow River. Mouth overlooking Lijiashan now Lijiashan is relatively closed, like the isolated mountain and the Peach Garden, the perfect combination of architectural environment, natural beauty, the beauty of the cave layers stacked scattered, here has been perfect. High street, up and down, with the stone pavement, is very old. Here with the mountain, building the Ming and Qing Dynasties laid upon, is an artificial creation of a beautiful picture. Never seen such a good place, a unique land, to form a unique cultural landscape, especially the courtyard cave in the world is the one and only. Most people are surprised to every family toilets at the front door, does not affect the appearance and health? Until now is still unknown. Visit Lijiashan, absolute and feeling! Many buildings in disrepair, don’t protect it, not a few years all collapsed. The village people say, according to legend the earliest because surnamed Li people settled in this wasteland, named lijiashan. After Shandong, Henan common people to settle. Now the village Zhang, Li, Li, Qi surname home more. Why Lijiashan presents this kind of architectural style? It is said that the two local rich man earned a lot of money, began secretly in the contest, be busy at putting up installations, hundreds of high slopes about 40 degrees on the elaborate design, elaborate construction, high mountain, stacked from the ditch to the top, as many as nine layers, its shape is different相关的主题文章: