Hu Xunbi, former chairman of bosom friend magazine, was accused of double rule involving naked offic ravbin

Salon magazine chairman Hu Xunbi was double involved naked official was reported to the original title: Salon magazine chairman Hu Xunbi was "double" Beijing News News (reporter Tu heavy aircraft Intern Wang Yuqian) reporter from multi confirmed 15 am today, Hubei salon media group to the high-level meeting bulletin, former chairman Hu Xunbi was double suspicion of discipline". Hubei friendship Media Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as bosom friend group) is a wholly state-owned company invested by Hubei women’s Federation, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The former unit was originally the Hubei provincial women’s Federation, and has been changed to the Propaganda Department of the Hubei provincial Party committee. In August 2014, Hu Xunbi was relieved from the position of secretary and chairman of the party group. According to media reports, Hu Xunbi was dismissed mainly due to the "naked official" problem being reported, his wife and daughter reside in Canada Hu Hoon choi. Subsequently, Hu Xunbi, who is still the chairman of the Editorial Committee of the Friendship Committee, entered the magazine’s work. According to a middle-level introduction of bosom friend group, in 2014, the former "bosom friend" editor in chief, Jia Jun, former deputy general manager of friendship group (formerly known as Li Jing), was taken coercive measures by the public security organs on suspicion of crime. Zhu Jiajun was arrested from inside report. Insiders said that not long ago, "friends man off" came to be the audit message. A few days ago, Hu Xunbi was taken away by the discipline inspection department. This afternoon, the Beijing News reporter to the friendship editor room to verify the matter, the staff refused to respond to this matter. "Bosom friend" and "bosom friend" are the two main magazines of salon media group. In recent years, these two magazines have been running down, advertising revenues have dropped sharply, but they still rely on Issuing profits. For the "salon" magazine, the newsstand economic contraction, only through the post office subscription and newsstand earnings before the strong economy period compared to circulation revenue decreased greatly. According to the insider, the former general manager of the concert group, Lei Da, has recently retired. Recently, Liu Xueming, the former president of Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House, served as chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, and Song Yichao, the Minister of human resources and social affairs of the former Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House, served as general manager. The new leadership has arrived and has embarked on a new round of corporate reform. Editor in chief: SN184

知音杂志原董事长胡勋璧被双规 涉裸官遭举报   原标题:知音杂志原董事长胡勋璧被“双规”   新京报快讯(记者涂重航 实习生王昱倩)记者从多方证实,今日15时许,湖北知音传媒集团向中高层开会通报,原董事长胡勋璧因涉嫌违纪被“双规”。   湖北知音传媒集团有限公司(以下简称知音集团)为湖北省妇联投资的国有独资公司,注册资本2亿元。主管单位原为湖北省妇联,现已变更为湖北省委宣传部。   2014年8月,胡勋璧被免去知音集团党委书记和董事长一职。据媒体报道,胡勋璧被免职主要因其涉及“裸官”问题遭人举报,胡勋璧的妻女长期居住加拿大。   随后,仍是知音编委会主任的胡勋璧进入旗下杂志《知音漫客》工作。   据知音集团一位中层介绍,2014年,原《知音漫客》主编、知音集团原副总经理朱家君(原名李靖)因涉嫌犯罪被公安机关采取强制措施。朱家君被抓源于内部举报。   内部人士称,前不久,《知音漫客》传出被查帐的消息。数日前,胡勋璧被纪检部门带走。   今日下午,新京报记者向知音总编室求证此事,工作人员拒绝回应此事。   《知音》与《知音漫客》是知音传媒集团主要的两本杂志。近几年这两本杂志经营下滑,广告收入锐减,但仍能靠发行盈利。对于《知音》杂志来说,由于报摊经济萎缩,仅通过邮局征订的盈利与之前报摊经济强盛期相比,发行收入也降幅较大。   据知情人透露,知音集团原总经理雷一大最近已退休。   近日,原长江文艺出版社社长刘学明空降知音集团担任董事长兼党委书记,原长江文艺出版社人社部部长宋以超担任总经理。新领导到来并已着手新一轮公司化改革。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: