Huang Jihuang acquired Hongkong dessert Hui Lau Shan in the amount of billion yuan 660003

Huang Jihuang acquired Hongkong dessert Hui Lau Shan in the amount of billion yuan before, Wong Kee Huang chairman Huang Geng told Beijing Daily reporter exclusively revealed, has been completed in the Hongkong dessert chain brand Hui Lau Shan wholly-owned acquisitions, but he was unwilling to disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, only that the size of funds of more than 100 million yuan. Xu Liushan is a veteran brand in Hongkong, in 2004 to enter the mainland market, in 2012 to enter the Southeast Asian market, currently has more than 200 stores in the world. Huang Geng said that the food and beverage industry has entered the stage of saturation or even excess, will usher in a major reshuffle. Huang has completed the introduction of foreign capital, the future will be completed from the food and beverage companies to the capital operation of the company’s transformation. Hongkong veteran Xu Liushan is a famous brand new dessert Company Hong Kong Style fruit dessert, sweet soup, specialized in selling desserts and snacks with mango as the main material. 1960 opened in Yuen Long, the initial sale of traditional herbal tea and paste. The 1990 launch of fruit desserts, in 1992 launched the "Mango Sago Dessert" popular, followed by way of franchising business, at present in the world has more than 200 stores, of which there are 14 in Beijing. As a 56 year old veteran catering company, despite a rich history, but in recent years, the development of Hui Lau Shan is behind some of the emerging brands, can barely use two words to describe the "stable". Huang Geng said, his old brand has always been in awe, "it will have the opportunity to put under the arm, for me is a kind of responsibility and glory". Huang Geng told the Beijing Daily reporter Huang Jihuang, the acquisition of the Hui Lau Shan is completed by the end of last year, has never been released to the outside world, only a few friends know. From the intention of the acquisition to the final completion of the acquisition, probably about half a year. "That is very common in business negotiations, we believe that the Hui Lau Shan is worthy of a takeover of the company, report data and purchase price are more appropriate, the management team is also good, bought." It is understood that the Hui Lau Shan Company and brand is Huang Jihuang from an investment agency acquired, the investment agency to take over from the hands of the Hui family has been operating for eight or nine years. The release of energy in the background for Huang Huang Kee brand acquisition, Hui Lau Shan makes it the first step multi brand business strategy. Founded in 2004, Wong Kee Huang to the original, "three juice stew pot" created a new category of food, and through the standard products, chain operation, rapid expansion of the scale, currently in the country has more than 500 stores. However, with the fierce competition in the market, with many traditional food and beverage companies, Huang Jihuang also faced with the plight of the decline in store performance, the urgent need to find new profit growth point. Huang Geng said that despite the franchise mode of asset light, but more than ten years of development, with the expansion of the store, Wong Kee Huang established the backstage management system is relatively heavy, standardized management process, logistics supply system, team culture construction, capital accumulation, therefore, the urgent need to diversified, multi brand development, gradually release the background of accumulated energy. "It’s like building a tall building. The deeper the foundation is, the more layers it will cover. This foundation is the theory of post相关的主题文章: