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Hubei vigorously carry out the wisdom of tourism   convenient tourists travel – Hubei Channel – October 8 Wuhan Xinhua (Dong Hang) during the National Day holiday, many tourists through the scenic APP mobile phone, WeChat public understanding of the tourist products and tourist information, greatly facilitate the tourists to travel, wisdom tourism construction early results. In recent years, the construction of smart tourism in Hubei has been continuously promoted, and the role of modern network and communication technology in tourism management and service has been significantly improved, so that tourists from Hubei Province have really experienced the convenience brought by "smart tourism". A city in Hubei province and Wuhan, Yichang Tourism Committee, Shiyan, Xiangfan, Enshi and other established tourism official WeChat, micro-blog and other information service platform, the vast majority of the province’s tourist attractions are the use of two-dimensional code, APP, WeChat, micro-blog and other scenic spots to provide a full range of tourist information services for tourists. Hubei Tourism Commission guided Wuhan tourism development investment group and Tencent group jointly developed "Wuhan city circle global tourism e cartoon" successfully operated during the national day, cardholders through "brush face artifact" can quickly enter the scenic spot, get widespread praise of tourists. Many tourists said, into the scenic spot no longer buy tickets queuing, greatly improve the satisfaction of tourists. Wuhan city Huangpi district built in Hubei province’s first scenic area traffic control warning system for traffic statistics of Mulan, Mulan, Mulan, Mulan Tianchi grassland of Yunwu Mountain four scenic spots during the holiday, and through the wisdom of Huangpi tourism website, the wisdom of tourism APP platform and Dai Huang toll station LED display real-time, to guide, the effect in the area of external shunt. Changyang Qingjiang scenic area in October 3rd, 5 gallery for three consecutive days to tourists capacity, scenic spots to stop ticket, also issued a warning message and tourism projects adjust the information through the official website, WeChat public number, scenic spot electronic display and other channels, and according to the tourists, the tourists were timely diversion, grading buffer, to ensure that the tourists can enjoy the journey of happiness in the scenic area. (Zhang Jun, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan) 湖北大力开展智慧旅游建设 方便游客出游–湖北频道–人民网 人民网武汉10月8日电(董行)国庆小长假期间,不少游客通过景区手机APP,微信公众号了解景区旅游产品及旅游信息,极大地方便了游客出游,智慧旅游建设初现成效。 近年来,湖北省智慧旅游建设不断推进,现代网络和通讯技术在旅游管理和服务中的作用明显提升,让来鄂游客着实体验到“智慧旅游”带来的便利。湖北省旅游委及武汉、宜昌、十堰、襄樊、恩施等多个市州建立了旅游官方微信、微博等信息服务平台,全省绝大部分旅游景区都利用二维码、APP、微信、微博等为游客提供景区全方位的旅游信息服务。 湖北省旅游委指导武汉旅游发展投资集团和腾讯集团合作开发“武汉城市圈全域旅游e卡通”在国庆期间成功运营,持卡人通过“刷脸神器”即可快速进入景区,得到游客广泛称赞。不少游客表示,进景区再也不用买票排队,大大提高了游客满意度。 武汉市黄陂区建成湖北省首个景区流量控制预警系统,在假日期间对木兰山、木兰天池、木兰草原、木兰云雾山四个景区进行人流量统计,并通过黄陂智慧旅游网站、智慧旅游APP平台和岱黄收费站LED显示屏实时发布,达到了在景区外部进行引导、分流的效果。长阳清江画廊景区10月3日―5日连续三天达到游客容量上限,景区提前停止售票,同时通过官网、微信公众号、景区电子显示屏等渠道发布预警消息和旅游项目调整信息,并根据各景区游客情况,及时对游客进行分流,分级缓冲,确保了游客在景区内都能享受旅途的快乐。 (责编:张隽、关喜艳)相关的主题文章: