Hunan tourism investment project is also out of indomitable

Hunan tourism investment project is also overwhelming of indomitable spirit on September 26th afternoon, Yang Shahu international tourism resort global brand launch ceremony cum strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Changsha, and Hunan Shuntian group together CLUB MED released (Mediterranean Club), Starwood Le Meridien Munich Hotel, HBA, radio and television, radio and television, Hunan Changsha Construction Bank Hunan branch, Hunan branch of industrial and commercial bank, the king of the domain group and other more than and 10 well-known brands. Hunan provincial tourism bureau Party Secretary Chen Xianchun said in his speech, the Hunan tourism investment projects should be overwhelming but also hope that more and more of indomitable spirit, tourism investors to invest in Hunan, to achieve win-win cooperation. Chen Xianchun believes that the era of mass tourism contains unlimited business opportunities. At present, the development of tourism in Hunan between supply of tourism products and tourism consumption does not adapt to the era of mass tourism, increase the supply of new calls for the Hunan tourism investment, the introduction of new products new tourism industry more suitable for tourism consumption demand. In the era of mass tourism, tourism consumption demand is diverse, and the demand for tourism investment is diversified. Therefore, Hunan tourism investment projects not only to be overwhelming, and the realization of indomitable spirit. We should conscientiously implement the general office of the Hunan provincial government issued the "Hunan province consumer oriented tourism investment promotion plan", and actively play a leading role to further promote tourism consumption, tourism investment and tourism consumption, and actively introduce a number of well-known domestic and foreign tourism enterprises, tourism brand and tourism project in Hunan, and strive to cultivate the tourism industry has become a key, Hunan province investment consumption hot spots and open window. Hunan provincial tourism bureau Party Secretary Chen Xianchun speech Chen Xianchun said that Yang Shahu international tourism resort to accelerate the project development and construction, and actively cultivate new tourism industry of new products, in order to deepen the Hunan tourism supply side structural reform, make an important contribution to the optimization of tourist structure, the structure of tourism products, tourism consumption structure and the structure of investment in tourism. Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau will always uphold the "tourism investment services and promote tourism investment success" the purpose of the ocean Shahu international tourism resort in Hunan province tourism as the key construction projects, to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services, to become a successful example of the introduction of strategic investors in Hunan in the field of Tourism, in order to attract more the overseas tourism investors to invest in Hunan, to achieve win-win cooperation. Shahu Ocean International Resort is located in Xiangyin County, Yueyang City, Dongting Lake core area, covers an area of 15 square kilometers, a total investment of 20 billion yuan, in September 2007 by the Hunan Shuntian group in accordance with the standards of the National Tourism Resort investment construction and operation, with seven tourism sector and fourteen key tourism projects based on the unique characteristics of the water culture is the soul of a seven major themes and seven holiday system, the establishment of international panoramic Lake tourism resort destination, open a new name card of Hunan water culture. At present, the project has completed an investment of 5 billion yuan, the park opened its doors in June 1, 2017. Conference and signing ceremony with video, dance, music and drama, new display and interpretation of the ocean Shahu international tourism resort to the source of the Pearl River, Dongting kiln)相关的主题文章: