Husband and wife intimacy next door too noisy man kicked the door protest to kick the door

The couple next door. "Too noisy" man kicked the door "protest" kicking doors yesterday morning, in a district of Liuzhou City District sun Road, because the next young couple out loud, excuse me on the night to go home the rest of Mr. zhang. The knock on the wall after the protest is invalid, Zhang mengchuai neighbor’s door, kicked the door. Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau central police station alarm disposal according to Mr. Zhang, he is an employee of the company, often at night, at 4 in the morning to go home to rest. Previously, he had no problem. However, this calm was broken by the new young couple. "The young couple next door moved in a month ago, and it was disturbing that the young couple were not paying attention when they were intimate." Mr. Zhang said to the police, this month, next door neighbor’s behavior has seriously disturbed his rest, he leads to poor mental state, sometimes absent-minded, and has been criticized the manager of the company. Yesterday morning, Zhang is resting, and was awakened by the next door neighbors. To this end, Zhang repeatedly knocked on the wall to remind the protest, but the other party does not seem to care. Zhang huff, will kick bad neighbors. Be disturbed, neighbors Wei immediately dressed out with Zhang theory, the two sides had a heated argument. After the argument is fruitless, Wei call alarm. South central police station after receiving the alarm, immediately to the scene disposal, and the two sides back to the police station. Wei believes that there is no law to prohibit intimacy between husband and wife, Zhang deliberately damaged his door, you must help him repair. After police coordination, Zhang realized that his behavior is wrong, promised to help Wei to fix the door; and Wei also said that in the future to restrain their behavior, not to let the neighbors suffer.相关的主题文章: