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"I’m in the the Imperial Palace cultural relics repair" 3 Episode documentary "file December 16th to tell the story of the artisan spirit mainly I repair cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace, will be adapted for the documentary film, in December 16th on the big screen, complete the film leap from a documentary. The documentary "I in the Imperial Palace repair cultural relics" series published in January 2016 in the CCTV broadcast, the true record of the repair process of precious cultural relics, show skills and inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage of the daily life and work, a superb display technology of the Imperial Palace relics of primitive and restoration of cultural relics, cultural relics record doctor "" cultural relics and their resurrection". After the film aired at B station, gained high popularity, nearly 2 million hits, more than 60 thousand barrage of discussion, watercress score up to 9.4 points, more than the same as the explosion of a documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" and the hit series "Nirvana in Fire", has become one of the most influential documentary of the year. The biggest difference between the movie "my heritage in the Imperial Palace" and the version of the drama is that the film eliminates the drama version of the next white tone, with the lens language to express the story of the repair division. However, the record box office has not been satisfactory, only a handful of box office can be more than 30 million yuan. 2015 director of the documentary "Himalaya Xiao Han ladder" although gains a number of awards at home and abroad, but the box office only tens of millions of dollars; and on the tip of the tongue "China" launched a documentary film on the tip of the tongue "new year", although the reputation score is not low, the box office is not ideal. Insiders pointed out that many documentary can become explosive, adapted into a movie was unpopular, mainly because of the two in the shooting style and narrative of the existence of a huge difference. The "I am in the the Imperial Palace heritage" on the big screen, is bound to improve in these two areas, whether the box office success or not, is a meaningful attempt to conduct a documentary film in china. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters Lu Yang and Wang Jiamin相关的主题文章: