Ibm Data Privacy Solution For Sap-jiuyaogan

Computers-and-Technology Ensuring the safety of clients data is not just good business, but its now the law. Complying with regulations including HIPAA, DDP, PIPEDA, and PCI DSS, and protecting data privacy are mandatory measures to be taken by every enterprise today. Like all other enterprises, SAP customer sites worldwide are also subject to government regulations that have been enacted to protect personal information from being misused. This is because SAP customer sites process a variety of confidential information in their day-to-day operations, such as using SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) to process employee data for payroll and benefits. Hence, employee identification numbers, names, telephone numbers, addresses, and other personally identifiable information including birth dates, national identifiers, bank account numbers, benefits information, and health insurance identification numbers may become vulnerable to security attacks. Hence identifying and encrypting confidential data is of utmost importance to every business. In addition to this, organizations are also required to continuously monitor the safety and security of sensitive data at all times. This calls for a robust data privacy solution that has the capability to support SAP applications and uses advanced techniques to deliver powerful data transformation, encryption, and monitoring capabilities. IBM Optim Data Privacy Solution is one such. It offers: Comprehensive, proven capabilities for de-identifying test data, and making it appropriate for testing, but useless to identity thieves and hackers Application-aware data masking capabilities that can help understand, capture and accurately process SAP data elements in such a way that the masked data does not violate application logic Sophisticated capabilities, including built-in lookup tables for masking names and addresses Pre-packaged routines that allow for accurate transformation of complex data elements, such as Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers and e-mail addresses. IBM Optim is a central data management solution that scales to meet enterprise needs, supporting both custom and packaged applications. It focuses on critical business issues, such as data growth management, data privacy compliance, test data management, e-discovery, application upgrades, migrations and retirements. It not only aligns application data management with business objectives to help optimize performance, mitigate risk and control costs, but also delivers capabilities that scale across enterprise applications, databases and platforms. IBM Optim data privacy solution is highly beneficial to organizations worldwide as it helps them capitalize on the business value of applications and databases, while also offering them the power to efficiently monitor, manage, and protect application data throughout its lifecycle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: