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Food-and-Drink From the church to the reception to everything in between. One aspect that is extremely important to most couple’s on their wedding day is how their food will taste. Food at a wedding is something that guests will talk about for a very long time. Everything at a wedding can be picture perfect, but if the food is not up to par no one will remember the good things. They will only remember how horrid the food was. This is why choosing the best wedding caterer to prepare the food is so imperative. This is why any bride and groom should look no further then Ida’s Kitchen. Ida’s Kitchen is a catering service located in Ontario, Canada. Though they are happy to cater any special occasion, they especially love catering weddings. Ida’s is owned and operated by Ida Elster. Ida began her love and passion for food over thirty years ago. Beginning her culinary career in Lithuania where she attended two culinary institutions, she arrived in Canada in 1989. Ida always knew she had a passion for entertaining and making people happy, and that led her to opening Ida’s kitchen. Ida treats you like one of the family from the moment you walk through the door. Her sole intent is to make anyone who enters her establishment happy. She thoroughly believes that food enhances our quality of life, and once you taste Ida’s creations you know exactly what she means by that statement. Ida offers a variety of menu plans. You are wel.e to choose one of her preset wedding menu plans if one tickles your fancy. Do not hesitate though if you have something different in mind. Ida and her staff at Ida’s kitchen want you to be happy, so they are willing to do almost anything that you would like. This is one of the many reasons that Ida’s Kitchen receives rave reviews about her wedding catering (and other) catering events. She is willing to ac.modate her client to fulfill their catering dreams. If you are a bride and groom that imagined that the food at your wedding be a certain way and other caterers have refused to ac.modate you, more then likely Ida and her staff will be willing to make those dreams be.e a reality. Another reason why Ida’s Kitchen is the establishment to cater a fantastic wedding is the quality of food that they serve. Ida and her staff insist on top notch ingredients. They will not cut costs by using ingredients that are sub par. Before any dish is served to a guest, Ida herself makes sure that the dish is prepared with nothing but the best ingredients available. She will not stand for anything less. This is why Ida’s Kitchen has been so successful. Ida’s Kitchen receives constant referrals from previous satisfied clients. They understand that Ida and her staff put their heart and soul into every wedding, baby shower, engagement party, etc, that they are lucky enough to be a part of. If you are searching for a wedding caterer who will serve incredible food, will ac.modate your wishes, will take your event extremely seriously and knows how important it is to you, then you have to go visit Ida and her staff at Ida’s Kitchen. Of course your wedding day will be memorable. It will be a day that you will never forget. Together with Ida’s Kitchen though, it will be a day your guests will rave about for a very long time to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: