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Web-Design With the world more digitally advanced by the minute, it is important for businesses to have their websites work on any screen size be it that of a cell phone, a tablet, a netbook or a PC. This is where the importance of a responsive web design .es into the picture. The guiding principal behind a responsive web design framework is how a website interacts with various technology interfaces. Websites that have the capability to adjust themselves as per the device on which they are being accessed are known as ‘responsive’. Why do you need a responsive website? A responsive website thus has more scope of attracting foot traffic and being accessed by potential users than a non-responsive one. Typically, your website is the first point of acquaintance and interaction that your customers have with your business. As a business owner, you spend a great deal of time, energy and money in developing an attractive, functional and easy-to-navigate website that highlights your .pany’s goals, mission, vision, products and USPs. You obviously want all of these attributes to be known to your users, no matter what device they choose to access and browse through your website. At the same time, you wish your website to look consistent, whether on a PC or a tablet or a small mobile screen. You do not wish to .promise on design quality or the amount of information presented to your users. Your website should be able to look .plete and up-to-date and provide all relevant information to your users on the go. All these benefits are provided by a responsive web design. With such a design, you can rest assured that your website will look as good on a tablet or a phone screen as it does on a laptop or personal .puter and your users can have direct access to your business without having to sit in front of a PC. As one of the most important emerging web design trends, responsive web design fully leverages the online presence that your business enjoys and is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy! Now your customers no longer need to wait ’till they get back home’ in order to check out your website. They can find and transact with you on their handheld devices! Thus, a responsive web design framework enhances the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies. Without a responsive web design framework in place, your website may not appear properly on different devices. There can be misalignments, disproportioned images, displaced content and overall a confusing website layout, which your user may find rather difficult to navigate. A responsive design puts your website’s layout back on track and ensures that every element such as images, banners or text, is in order. To summarize, here are the advantages of having a responsive web design: Be accessible to your customers, on any and every device of their choice Display a .plete and consistent website on different screen size Enhance the effectiveness of your online campaigns Reach out to a much wider market new demographics and more customers. Have more control over your website’s look and feel. Maintain your brand recognition. Do away with the need to constantly develop new web layouts to stay in tune with changing technology of handheld devices Be open for business 24×7 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: