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Basic features Usually, the time attendance software available in the market has a number of basic .mon features along with a few special ones. The most important qualities that one must look for while developing or purchasing time attendance software may be considered as A secure log in system is often considered as the most vital characteristic of any time attendance software. It should also contain all employee details in encrypted and protected digital format regarding their attendance, absence and performance management. Most advanced time attendance software contains certain pre-scheduled functionalities such as workplace allocation and providing them with the required resources. Any time attendance software can also allow tracking of permanent and temporary workers along with their working hours and professional efficiency. Advantages Most modern business owners and corporate managements of modern times are always on a look out for great time attendance software as they can really provide them with a number of advantages that can really do a world of good to their .mercial existence. The most important advantages of time attendance software may be listed as follows The most important benefit of using time attendance software is its capability to minimize human errors. Automatic time tracking software can be accurate up to 99% .pared to the manual process and are also extremely reliable too. Most modern time attendance software is equipped with latest biometric identification features that make them almost impossible to evade or bypass. With Time Attendance Software it is really possible to improve upon organizational productivity and efficiency. Proper utility and minimum wastage of time can really be the secret of a better production. Reduced labor cost and adding value to your .mercial enterprise are other extremely important advantages of any time management software. Accurate employee related data and easy accessibility of that data can also prove extremely beneficial for chalking out a prospective and profitable business strategy that can really provide your business with a new leash of life. Last but not the least important advantage of properly installed time attendance software is its ability to help in payroll processing with its integrated payroll processing system and can really save a lot of time and manual labor simultaneously. If you are not taking advantage of well developed and customized time attendance software then you must be trailing by a couple of years .pared to your .petitors. They are not only a great help for your business but also actually worth their value for the best of the results. 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