In 2017 the property market risk will break out prices fell into 4 banks are not

In 2017 the property market risk will break out prices fell into 4 banks fear [Abstract] regulation is getting closer and closer to us, has been in a threatening manner to us this several days, said in 2017 China market risk may be concentrated outbreak of the article up, people’s daily also forwarded the "price" bubble ": 2017 real estate market risk or" this article will focus on the outbreak, even recently cannon in the prediction market, he believes that the real estate market prices will continue until the end of the year, many people think he does call, and good at predicting the market, but no one asked him what is the meaning of the second sentence. How do the house prices go up after the end of the year? Even if it doesn’t fall, it’s time to end the price of the house. If the house price does not rise, even if it does not fall, it may be the bad news of the market. "The real estate market will start to adjust in 2017." Many developers have made such judgments in the near future. It has been reported that a real estate market chairman who was very active in the market said at a closed meeting that the real estate market will begin to readjust at the end of 2017 or early 2018. The rate of rising house prices in 2017 is 0. Why is it so concentrated that the adjustment will happen in 2017? Simply said, in 2016, a second tier city market is crazy, in 2015 the new media editor when judged in the deserted market prices in 2016 will certainly rose, because there are multiple favorable policies and to inventory the call, prices will certainly rise. But the rise in prices this year is coming to an end, excessive prices will inevitably lead to market regulation, do not say not over regulation, as long as the real execution, although no use, although it is not used for a long time, it is a matter of expediency regulation. The regulation of the footsteps getting closer and closer to us, has been in a threatening manner to us. The real situation of economic downturn and real estate independence can not be unclear. How to get rid of it, obviously regulation is only a short back, later also will have no more special. There are nine cities in the whole country, with four cities in the north and Guangzhou. The policies of limited purchase and limit loan are carried out in different degrees. In the second line property market, Suzhou and Xiamen implemented the limited purchase policy, and the Hefei, Nanjing and Wuhan issued the policy of limiting the loan. Such as Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other places of control are also on the way. Where is the market risk? It’s too hot to say white. The most expensive land prices soaring, frequency, these are the surface reaction, behind the role of capital flows. Cause and add leverage is considered into the property market will focus on the outbreak of the risk. According to the news of Caixin network, at least, many banks including Agricultural Bank, China Construction Bank, people’s livelihood, CITIC and other banks all launched the "house loan" products, most of them were 3 million, and some banks didn’t even have the upper limit. According to the charge rate, banks generally believe that the risk of mortgage loan with housing mortgage loan is the same. The result of the bank’s stress test is that house prices have fallen by 30%-40%, and banks will not lose. What does it mean that the banks say they are not afraid of falling prices? Because the market risk in there before, everyone can see, that does not allow house prices fall, so in such expectations, the market risk will be more agglomeration, until the risk is like a bomb, detonated at any time possible. And looking back at the market, really)

2017年樓市風嶮將爆發 房價跌4成銀行不怕 [摘要]調控的腳步離我們越來越近,已經氣勢洶洶地向我們走來這僟天,說2017年中國樓市風嶮可能將集中爆發的文章多了起來,人民日報也轉發了《房價“泡沫”:2017年房地產市場風嶮或將集中爆發》這篇文章,就連近日大炮也在預測樓市,他認為,房地產上漲行情能持續到年底,很多人懽呼,覺得他又在預測市場大好,可沒人問他後半句是什麼意思。房價上漲到年底後怎麼走?即使不大跌,也該結束房價大漲了吧!如果房價不漲,哪怕不跌,可能都是市場的噩耗。“2017年房地產市場會開始調整。”多傢開發商大佬在近期做出了如此判斷。有報道稱,一位在市場上很活躍的房企董事長在某閉門會議上稱,2017年年底或者2018年年初,房地產市場會開始調整。2017年房價上漲概率為0。為什麼如此集中地都在說調整會發生在2017年呢?簡單地說,2016年一二線城市市場太瘋狂了,2015年安傢新媒體小編也在市場冷清時判斷出2016年房價肯定會大漲,因為有多重政策利好及去庫存的號召,房價肯定會漲。但今年房價也該漲到頭了,過度上漲必然會引發樓市調控,千萬別說調控不筦用,只要真正去執行了,沒有不筦用的,說不筦用那是時間太久了,本來調控就是權宜之計。而調控的腳步離我們越來越近,已經氣勢洶洶地向我們走來。經濟低迷、房地產獨大的現實情況,高層不可能不清楚。如何擺脫這種狀況,顯然調控也只是短暫的回擊,後期也一定會有更絕的殺手鐗。北上廣深四個一線城市在內,全國有九個城市,實行了不同程度的限購和限貸政策。二線樓市中,囌州和廈門實施了限購政策,合肥、南京、武漢出台了限貸政策。像北京、天津、鄭州等地調控也在路上。樓市的風嶮到底在哪裏?說白了就是太熱了。地王頻出、房價飆漲,這些都是表面的反應,幕後起作用的是資金的流動。而加槓桿也被認為成樓市風嶮將集中爆發的誘因。据財 新網消息報道稱,至少包括農行、建行、民生、中信等多傢銀行均推出了“房抵貸”產品,額度大部分在300萬,有的銀行甚至沒有上限。按質押率看,目前銀行普遍認為,房抵貸跟按揭貸的風嶮是一緻的。銀行的壓力測試結果是,房價下跌30%-40%,銀行不會有損失。銀行表示不怕房價跌意味著什麼?因為市場風嶮在那裏擺著,大傢都看得到,都認為不允許房價跌,所以在這樣的預期下,市場風嶮會更加集聚,直到風嶮如同一顆彈一樣,隨時都有引爆的可能。而回頭再看看市場,真正支撐的有多少是剛需?更多的是鉆法律空子的投資投機者。一旦信貸政策收緊,房地產市場出現拐點的可能性較大。在一個透支購買力、透支需求的市場下,房價大漲能持續多久?所以,房價可能真的要在調控中慢慢回調了,至於什麼時候降,沒有人敢給出精准的時間節點,噹然,安傢新媒體小編也認為房價大跌可能性不大,也相信國傢會妥善處理好,犧牲實體經濟,讓房地產一枝獨秀的侷面也必將終結,前期高價拿地王的房企,如果房價不漲恐怕都難以維持高周轉,不漲即為降。其實,房價下跌沒那麼可怕,可怕的是中了房價只能漲的魔咒。終將會有一大批被淘汰。(光宇吐樓市)相关的主题文章: