In a hail of bullets variation of the monsters and freaks of all descriptions of blasting first

"In a hail of bullets" variation of the monsters and freaks of all descriptions of blasting blasting first exposure shooting game mode, we played the normal police VS bandits, also played the advanced version of human VS ghost, you may have seen more exotic versions? "A hail of bullets" is a next generation FPS game tiantuo single generation (first person shooter) web games, the line just a new blasting play, humans, ghosts, zombies gathered together a crazy variation of blasting. To raise a gun, to fight! "Official website: [about" a hail of bullets "" "" is a hail of bullets] a hail of bullets Chengdu Yushen gaming Polytron Technologies Inc R & D, tiantuo Game exclusive agent of a next generation FPS (first person shooter) web games, in the common power Tencent operating under the boutique created hundreds of millions of the best shooting game player dream. Game player in the QQ game, TGP game platform, Tencent Tencent QQ space platform can experience a hail of bullets "". The game has both the exquisite quality of the end of the tour page tour and convenient, and the introduction of the growth and the introduction of the natural system to break the tradition of the FPS game, a lot of innovative gameplay model also gives players a new gaming experience. At present, "" is a hail of bullets fourth FRPL league matches and the first (2016) QQ game king tournament qualifier, to experience the passion of fighting and calm command of a song of ice and fire together, experience the perfect blend of individual skills and team, who will establish a "bullet rain" new dynasty! ["learn more" a hail of bullets to the latest news, please pay attention to the official website of the official micro-blog]:: QQ:: TGP space game entrance entrance entrance: Official micro signal: qldy_tx on Tencent Tencent game game, the world’s leading game developers and operators, the largest domestic network game community. "Intention to create happiness" concept, the game through the work in a number of Tencent product segments, to build a diversified platform four, is committed to providing game player "trusted", "happy" and "professional" interactive entertainment experience. Tencent games, intentions to create happiness!相关的主题文章: