In case of traffic accident duty Auxiliary Police tear new T-shirt kneeling down to the wounded-puritans pride

In case of traffic accident duty Auxiliary Police tear new T-shirt bandage for the injured knees original title: tear new T-shirt kneeling down to the wounded Chinese daily news (reporter Li Xiaobo) the National Day holidays to visit Xi’an traffic accident duty auxiliary police car, not only help to treat the injured knees, will be left at the scene of the car 8 years old. Dinner is sent back to the hotel…… Hubei Xiangyang Hu is very moved, Xi’an traffic police awesome!" Hubei tourists call Xi’an police point like yesterday, Mr. Hu to the China Daily News Hotline 029 – 88880000 call, said to represent the positive energy of Xi’an traffic police point praise. He said, Xi’an has a long history of ancient civilization has fascinated him, and the National Day holiday this year, he and his wife took the 80 year old mother drove to Xi’an play, "but an accident but our mood becomes very poor". Mr. Hu said that October 4th is the third day they came to visit Xi’an, in the afternoon they visit Terracotta Army is about to return to Xi’an after the hotel, "about 6:10, I drove along the road under the overpass bridge eight feet cross, ready to turn left and a tricycle hit, resulting in a tricycle rollover, a man and a woman sitting on a tricycle, injured two people, about 50 years old." Mr. Hu said he was off to see, in a traffic police on duty nearby to catch up, "because the injured head bleeding, the traffic police is kneeling on the ground, also put in uniform T-shirt off torn cloth for the injured wound, and let the pedestrians rushed to the police contact 120. I remember a woman who helped to make a phone call." Mr. Hu said, the ambulance picked the wounded after his wife followed to go to the hospital, he is to deal with traffic accidents for questioning, there was some confusion, the 80 year old mother alone, then the police took me back to his mother-in-law, also took out to dinner, and finally returned to we live in a hotel." Hu said that the spirit of the traffic police and the attitude of the parties to treat the scene moved all the people, but also to highlight the good image of the police in Xi’an, I would like to praise the traffic police in Xi’an! Say a ‘Xi’an traffic police is awesome!’ And the lady, they’re all good people who represent Xi’an’s positive energy." Mr. Hu said, because the rush, just write down the name of the police siren. Did not think, that is to save the matter, yesterday, the China Daily reporter contacted the traffic police – Xi’an police high tech Brigade squadron squadron assistant police Zheng Chenwei. Zheng Chenwei said, when he was eight feet road and Tang Yan cross duty, for the discovery of the bleeding in the head, then took off to buy a new T-shirt torn cloth to stop bleeding, "did not think, is that the important thing is to save lives". He said that the incident was the evening of 4 6 pm, and wait until the accident scene has been completed nearly 9 o’clock in the evening, "I see the old lady left alone in the car, he said let her walk with me, but she insisted on waiting for the scene". Zheng Chenwei said, after persuasion, the old lady following him go to the office, then he drove with the old lady eat wonton, "because the old lady is always uneasy, I took her to find the hotel accommodation." Zheng Chenwei said he just made 7相关的主题文章: