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In Mr. Liang Shuming’s tomb |_ Sina News, Sina News columnist Yu Ge Guilin Scenery. However, I went to Guilin, but not in the mountains. As a devout pilgrims, my destination, in addition to the road No. 22, Guangxi Normal University press, is located in the mountains of the park’s tomb. I know that Mr. Liang Shuming is in Guilin, not from his resume, but after the death of his father Liang Ji, the legacy of the articles, diaries, chronicle is a book called "Guilin", he notes. Then I remember his hometown. In fact, he was born in Beijing, I go home, and home, fate is very shallow. According to the "chronicle of Mr. Liang Shuming", Liang Shuming’s life was four times to third times, except when the length of two and a half years, the remainder is quite short, like tourism. Until after death, in accordance with the will, buried the war living Lijiang River, from buried land. For the homeless, but after the death of the weak hold a wisp of nostalgia. The autumn sun bright afternoon, I sat for an hour before the tomb of Liang shuming. Tourist exchanges such as weaving, there is only one stop. There is a pair of young men and women, passing the cemetery, the boy said: "this is what the beam of the tomb……" I looked at the tombstone, Liang Shuming’s name is not traditional characters, why not read it? The tomb of Liang Shuming, a statue of a bust, we are under the vaguely familiar faces, binocular arrogance, mouth drooping, the sun, the face of stubborn and unyielding look deeper, the person is different from the most significant peer identification. In twentieth Century, Xiong Shili, Chinese Daru, Ma Yifu Feng Youlan is director of durian, Chu Chen Zi, Qian Muwei look dignified, generous, is also warm, except Liang Shuming, clank, angular, daunting. This is echoed my impressions about them: close to Qian Muwei (Qian Muwei is the best teacher, I read his book the most benefit and deepest admiration), Ma Liang, fear. The fear of Liang, the relationship with its knowledge, and its spirit is far less than the relationship between his deep knowledge, and Buddhist and Confucian; he embodied, the spirit, it is truly a confucian. Corresponding to this, later in his memory, often unrelated knowledge, while focusing on the spirit or the strength of character, integrity. For example, we are not talking about Liang Shuming, talked about "western culture and philosophy" "China cultural essence", not "rural construction theory", but he dares to challenge Mao Zedong for Bravery (September 18, 1953), but in Liang Shuming’s critique of the meeting, the authorities asked him to talk about feelings, he is definitely a way: "army may be deprived of. Every man cannot be deprived" (September 23, 1974)…… Of course, Liang Shuming’s spirit is inseparable from his knowledge, precisely, its spirit is supported by knowledge. This is about confucianism. My attitude towards Confucianism, since Mr. Yu. Mr. Yu "modern Confucianism theory" a book with two classic arguments: first, in modern times, the loss of system and become a "modern way; two, Confucianism is the daily life", namely "in human daily life". I agree with both of these points相关的主题文章: