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Relationships Do you need to obtain a copy of divorce records in New York? Whatever your intention is as long as it is legal, you can do so when you follow the proper procedure. Divorce registers in New York State .e in two types: divorce decrees and divorce certificates. The process, although the requirements and payment are quite the same, still differ depending on which type of divorce record is sussed out. Free Divorce Records , the more .prehensive type of divorce document are available only at the local courthouse in the county where the divorce was filed and ratified. Usually, it is the judge of the local court who finalizes the decree, and sets for the terms and conditions of the divorce. Data of such proceeding are then archived at the local courthouse. Divorce certificates, on the other hand, are accessible through the New York State Department of Health. Such entity is in fact the primary repository for all vital documents in the Big Apple State. Certificates that are obtainable through this agency, nevertheless, are those of divorces registered since January 1863. Divorces in the State of New York, according to Statistics, have already reached a total of 58,556. That was in the year 2012 though. Factors that account why marriages then were dissolved include abandonment, imprisonment, adultery, cruelty and other unstated or not reported reasons. With these legal grounds, abandonment got the highest percentage with a total of 9,575 cases whereas imprisonment came last with only 55 incidents. In addition, among the 58,556 divorces registered, it was found out that marriages with duration of 5 9 years were the ones that were dissolved the most with 16,338 cases while those that werent stated got the lowest with only 184 cases. Divorce registers, along with other vital documents, are very beneficial in so many ways thus the state has appointed agencies to identify, classify, track and archives them for the publics reference. As long as applicable laws are adhered to in the procurement process, anyone can file a request for any divorce records in the State of New York including those of divorce registers. Certain fees apply and such fees, however, depend on which type of divorce record is perused and the type of handling chosen. Each copy of a divorce record in New York State, whether you obtain it locally through the court, County Clerks Office, or through the State Office, is $30. For priority handling, however, an additional $15 is requisite so you will be paying a total of $45. Orders placed with priority handling are processed within 2 4 weeks while those with regular handling take 10 12 weeks to be processed. To place an order for any divorce records in New York, a form must be .pleted. First, you have to download this through the Department of Healths online portal. Take note that divorce registers in New York, specifically the more .prehensive type or divorce decrees, are restricted to those people indicated in the record. If you are outside the restriction, you have to secure a New York State Court Order before you can file a request for a divorce record in the State of New York. This court order must then be submitted along with the .pleted application or request form to the right agency. The payment must also be enclosed and must be made via check or money order only. Technology has indeed played a significant role in expediting transactions and services today. With innovations like the Inter., it is easier to retrieve records. New York divorce record requests can now be filed online especially with alternative record solutions that offer the same service for a much faster turnaround. Public records are already available through various alternative repositories. But are divorce records public? Certainly! Divorce records, along with other registers, are considered public and thus can be accessed by any member of the general public who wishes to as long as the applicable laws are adhered to and the proper procedure of getting a hold of them is strictly followed. Also, because it is done through the Web, your desired record is just one click away. Whats more, you are absolved from the hassle the manual method of record procurement entails! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: