In Shanghai live, a family of 3 history shocked the whole of japan!-vy canis majoris

In Shanghai live, a family of 3 history shocked the whole of japan! Pay is by no means a little force so simple. Sometimes, giving means a whole life. The following father, people give evaluation: "deeply moved". This is Shanghai, a family of three father Ding Shangbiao’s mother Chen Xinxing ordinary daughter Ding Lin 1996-2005, Chinese director Zhang Liling took the clutch of a family of three to ten years of record made a tearful "alive" documentary documentary record of Fuji TV history change many Japanese of Chinese misunderstanding and Prejudice won the "Japan Broadcasting Culture Fund Award for documentary award before the premier of the State Council China during his visit to Japan gave this assessment" I watched the documentary, deeply touched." An ordinary Japanese student accidentally "discovered" it "alive" after the investment to help tears into the cinema after the release, almost a full Theater Hall "tearful live" movie poster plastered by Japanese audience. Tears reading "tearful alive", this is a very shocking movie! No matter who you are, see this work, can not be moved. A strong father teeth, is a real man. There are many virtues that the Japanese have forgotten or lost. Hope the hero a happiness! This is how the family of three? What happened to them so many Japanese moved? Father: Ding Shangbiao Ding Shangbiao was born in Shanghai after graduating from junior high school as a youth to the countryside to the rural areas of Anhui and later returned to Shanghai to find their age has no skills into the bottom of the Shanghai people to provide a better life for his family he decided to go to Japan to study further in 1989 has been 35 years old, he Chuaizhe borrowed 420 thousand yen to the Japanese school tuition in the remote mountainous area of Hokkaido province in a language school near the school is an abandoned coal mine in the sparsely populated year for half a year because of cold mountain even the local people say "I don’t know what time is Chinese can be in such a remote place to live is too difficult" Ding Shangbiao fled to Hokkaido to Tokyo due to visa expired into black accounts in Japan a few years later he changed his goal to give up before college but decided to make money to the idea of a daughter cultivation The number of people playing jobs every morning to go to work at the last bus had to walk home from work to save lives is the cheapest single room without bath every day after coming home with a plastic cloth wrapped up the bath this life is over 7 years, Ding Shangbiao is unable to return home because once the black mouth it means not to come back in Japan at the same time also questioned by his family thought he had a very good side in a new family until the film crew went to his home in his life to his wife and daughter to eliminate misunderstanding see daughter successfully admitted to the New York State University after he did more than before to support her students tuition and living in order to prevent unemployment his breath test five professional technical qualification certificate and so did 7 years so hard work just to have the ability to cultivate their children dignified and imposing Do people over forty years of hard work Ding Shangbiao because of a tooth is loose in a lot of dilute not a total of 15 years he and his wife and daughter met once and see her daughter.相关的主题文章: