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In the $88888888.88 buy in Sydney is "silly money"? China overseas buyers to buy a house, but not as much as possible to bargain more care to make a good beginning? Is this a lot of stupid money? In September 28th BBC, a news report said, the purchase of property is to try as much as possible to buy low, but in Australia, Sydney has had an exception: Australia a real estate project is Chinese to 88888888.88 Australian dollars (about 456 million yuan) of the purchase price, this is because in the 8 Chinese sounds like "Fa" is a lucky number. Chinese buyers strange "preference", let the media feel very strange the report revealed that deal with the lucky number property located in Sydney’s central business district of Kent Street No. 333, panoramic view of Sydney port. The property was bought by the Chinese group, which plans to transform it into a residential and hotel. BBC also quipped in the report: thanks to the street brand is not 444, for the Chinese people that it is "dead" is a big. In September 29th, brokered the deal Colliers International told the surging news (reporters) confirmed China buyers with 10 "8" purchase transaction amount which is located in Sydney real estate. However, when reporters call the buyers in the financial group, hope to understand why this particular transaction amount to buy property in Sydney, financial group staff "are going to have a holiday, leadership is not refused a reporter. According to the information released by the financial group, the financial group was founded in 2011, is China’s equity investment in the field of service providers. Through its equity investment all media information platform, brand activities, integrated marketing, investment consulting and other services for enterprises, investment institutions and various intermediaries for one-stop professional services. Its chairman, president Zhu zhu. The business information, Beijing financial branch Cci Capital Ltd legal representative for Beijing zhongkechuang Zhu Shan, financial Cci Capital Ltd and financial group announced the company address, for Beijing City Chaoyang District East Third Ring Road No. 2 C. Business information also shows that the Beijing branch of Cci Capital Ltd financial business for the investment management; investment consulting, the registered capital of only 1 million yuan. This is the company in Australia ho throw 88888888.88 Australian dollars to buy real estate, but also aroused the concern of BBC. Is not rational or nouveau riche type customs? The amount of the transaction is to prove that Chinese enterprises in the overseas purchase of real estate projects unreasonable? Colliers International revealed in an interview with the BBC, China buyers reflect the number 8 in the bid, has more than once. However, the implementation of the international capital market in East China and southwest area and investment services director Wang Bei Golik told the surging news reporters have said that although China buyers in overseas real estate transactions in the amount of the transaction or the transaction date proposed "lucky numbers" requirements are not uncommon, but this does not represent the irrational investors in overseas real estate investment China when the. This situation is generally the two sides have reached a consensus on the price, the two sides can accept the price range in the auspicious numbers up and down, and not much worse. No one is stupid enough to only value 2000 yuan.相关的主题文章: