In the actual operation of the campus renovation loan platform imminent chaos

The actual operation chaos remediation imminent loan lending platform of campus campus social buzz campus recently began to strengthen the supervision of loan. August 24th China Banking Regulatory Commission put forward the five word loan regulation. Recently, the Shenzhen Internet Finance Association issued on the specification of Shenzhen campus network lending business notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice). This document is the first domestic Standard Association for campus loan notice, put forward 9 provisions on campus loan, including the use of the loan review, in addition to student loans, business loans and other work is helpful to the study of loan business, the enterprise shall not provide loans to students of other uses loans, student loans must parents or family members agree, forbidden line sales and campus agency, prohibited the use of nude, violence and other illegal collection. Trends around the campus to strengthen the supervision of lending in recent years, campus loans into college life. Many Internet financial platform at the stage of college loans this delicious cake, due to lack of supervision, also derives some social problems. In order to strict supervision, the "notice" requirement is strictly prohibited sales of the line and campus agency, "the company shall not be authorized or entrusted, third party physical places outside the Internet and other electronic channels for publicity or promotion of project financing. It is strictly prohibited to entrust students, campus staff or campus merchants to carry out any form of online and offline publicity, promotion or agency activities." In fact, as early as May this year, the Ministry of education and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have jointly issued "on the strengthening of the campus network lending adverse risk prevention and education work notice" requirements, the establishment of the campus network bad lending daily monitoring mechanism. In August, the CBRC again stressed that at present on the campus net loan to take "stop, shift, integration, teaching," five character principle: requesting the suspension of involved violent collection, usury and other illegal business, the transfer of the relevant departments in accordance with the regulations, the rectification of the stock business; strengthen the education and guidance. Subsequently, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places have also introduced the relevant provisions. Investigation of overdue and interest rates are not clear due to the size of the consumer market is expected to reach nearly 100 billion yuan. Survey data show that 83% of the students have heard of College Students’ consumption stage; when their money is not enough, says it is willing to use installment purchase goods for 71%; for staging shopping, more than 50% people are concerned about the price rate and product quality first. College students lack of understanding of the lending process, in the course of the loan, so that students clearly understand the consequences of overdue, clear overdue rate is an important indicator of transparency platform. However, according to the recent survey of more than and 80 college students in the consumption stage of the survey on the page, the results clearly indicate the consequences of late and the proportion of the platform accounted for only 52%. Nearly half of the platform’s overdue interest rate is not clear, there are 79% platform rate is not clear. Phased consumption, the stage is the cost of staging costs. According to statistics, the current gap between the platform installment rate is larger, the higher rates of stage 7 platform is 00 flowers, 1.8%, is the lowest tide Bai network, 0.30%. In addition, the 7 platform installment rate is an average rate of 0.92%, higher than the "Jingdong ious" and "flower chanting" Ali 0.50% 0.75 Wei相关的主题文章: