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Do you know there exists a Facebook for sports? While developing inRecruit for Sports/Scouting and recruiting industry I realized that technology is widely adopted in the sports industry too, among several other industries. inRecruit is a social platform that allows coaches, scouts, athletes, parents (and even fans) to share, find, view and distribute data and communicate directly with each other in real time. Coaches are often under tremendous pressure to recruit the best athletes to form winning teams and increase chances of getting college sports scholarships. They need a fast, user-friendly, efficient and affordable tool that allows them to recruit a player who isn’t in their backyard while also allowing them to share their recruiting data with each other in real time. At the same time parents of top athletes lack a central repository to explore all available options for their children and to communicate directly with other"coaches outside of the ones who are specially selected for them. inRecruit developed on PHP platform using Agile Methodology, fulfills the organizational recruiting needs of college coaches, high school athletes and their parents for the changing social media world. Across the sporting arena inRecruit is a great platform for Coaches, Athletes and their fans to explore, discover and connect in social-media style. . It is easy to create and enhance player profiles with inRecruit just by adding photos and videos, to network with college coaches. Their customizable newsfeeds provide up-to-date information on athletics, other players, teams and coaches reducing the need for coaches to manually access this information from various sources. Coaches can stay organized with the calendar and reminder features, as well as help promoting their teams and players via social media sharing, inviting email or adding Facebook contacts to join the platform to bolster support network. inRecruit also provides the most interactive and engaging experience for fans of college and high school sports. Uploading, viewing and sharing videos and photos can help promote favorite teams or players to other fans and college coaches. Its now easy for fans to customize their newsfeed for the latest updates from the world of sports recruiting. Options to invite email contacts or connect with Facebook friends on inRecruit can help build fan profile and increase level of interaction. This unique blend of athlete and fan interaction will revolutionize not only the way fans associate with their idols but also how athletes control, communicate and develop their ‘brand’. Some interesting features of inRecruit. inRecruit for Coaches Cloud-based management system Customized news feeds Calendaring with players schedules; Location-based tracking inRecruit for Athletes Communication w/ verified coaches Video sharing Whos viewed Build fan base inRecruit for Parents Profile news feed Video and picture upload Share with family & friends Virtual scrapbook inRecruit for Fans Video sharing with athletes Fan ratings News feeds / RSS Fantasy games As sports recruiting evolves more efficiently, inRecruit empowers coaches and athletes to realize their dreams of competing for and receiving sports scholarships. About the Author: Prashanth Kumar Abbagani is a Group Manager heading Product Engineering team at Bodhtree. He has substantial knowledge on various enterprise features of Java EE standards and Middleware (Application/Web server) software including Monitoring, Load Balancing, High Availability, Clustering, Provisioning etc. For more information visit Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Software – – – – – – – – – – Do you have nagging questions about investing in BIM for your small .pany? You don’t know if Building Information Modelling is right for you? We re.mend not to miss out the benefits of this powerful tool. Every .pany that is involved in the business of … 相关的主题文章: