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Intelligent home appliances have become the new home appliance giant air will take time — popularization of appliances – original title: intelligent home appliances have become the new home appliance giant Google robot Alpha will take some time since the popularity of air Go victory over the top chess master Li Shishi, the heat of artificial intelligence in the public opinion and make a level. At the same time, household electrical appliance enterprises also frequently layout intelligent artificial intelligence industry, trying to occupy the commanding heights of technology and brand as soon as possible in the new smart home appliances. Then, artificial intelligence will bring much change to the wisdom of our family life? The real distance into our family and household electrical appliance enterprises will be taken? What specific landing path pushed reporters in artificial intelligence? "Artificial intelligence how to get into the smart home forum, realize intelligent universal need time, experiential marketing intelligent universal best means. From passive to active intelligent intelligence in fact, before Google robot Alpha Go, our life has a lot of intelligent hardware, such as APP can be used to connect all kinds of home appliances of the mobile phone, but the deputy general manager of Changhong Technology Exhibition Center Huayi believes that using a mobile phone to control all the equipment, just a passive intelligent. In the past, in fact, smart appliances still need human intervention, people need to manipulate these devices to meet the needs of people. I think that after the emergence of artificial intelligence, it should be turned to an active intelligence, all of these devices, these sensors should be able to replace people to think and make decisions, and can automatically execute." The exhibition of Huayi said that the high quality of life should be "lazy" pursuit, and contains three elements, namely, convenient, comfortable and safe. In addition, Haier artificial intelligence robot director, team leader Li Hongyan also pointed out that the artificial intelligence technology in the field of home appliances user experience and business model two easy to change, then the user can obtain more convenient services, enterprises get huge amounts of data from the user service, the traditional home appliance sales escalated into a long-term intelligence service and the mode of. Companies adhere to the user experience first according to CCID data show that artificial intelligence appliance very promising. 2015 global artificial intelligence market size has reached 168 billion 390 million yuan, is expected to reach $269 billion 730 million in 2018, a CAGR of 17%. Specific to China, in 2015 the scale of China’s artificial intelligence market reached 20 billion 390 million yuan in 2018 is expected to reach $36 billion 100 million, a compound growth rate of 21%. However, experts remind, artificial intelligence into the family will not "Moon", the industry should proceed from the practical needs of consumers, to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology in household appliances and consumer electronic products, through the construction of artificial intelligence and intelligent single product grinding environment. Mechanical engineering Beihang University Robotics Institute researcher Tao Yong said that in the next five to ten years, some typical products to achieve industrialization of the robot could walk into the family, such as family, education and entertainment machine safety monitoring robot. However)相关的主题文章: