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New inter nuclear 6 times to make 70 million break opportunity not to sell the man Savior – Sohu Meazza sports play the first game of the new season, the Milan did not produce satisfactory answer, how disappointing the score 1-1. However, the new " the Nerazzurri this summer; > HD photo: younger brother head pose difficult to take three points clear of Meazza De Boer. At the first game of the new season, the Milan did not produce satisfactory answer, how disappointing the score 1-1. However, the Nerazzurri this summer signing Banega and captain I Karl Di’s performance is very eye-catching, impressive. Milan international summer war the result was "too horrible to look at, in addition to the Nerazzurri defeated the Royal Salt Lake City and Celtic, the other 6 games only made a record of 2 flat 4 negative, especially with Paris Saint Germain, Bayern and Tottenham, can be said to be" March by". Among them, 1-6 defeat to Tottenham has also been speculation that the Mancini class. Return to the international arena, Milan is a group of Verona "insiders" a lesson, that team problems defeat 0-2 also many. Meazza sits in the game against Palermo, coach De Boer take the initiative to change, the Dutch used their own very fond of 4-3-3 formation, although a larger advantage has made the scene, but still failed to usher in inter team new season first win. Banay this game was arranged in midfield after a drag, Argentina, play at ease back this position, is a key player for Milan international to take control of the game. Banega on both ends of the performance is very eye-catching, according to the "whoscored" statistics, Banega Game 9 tackles, including 5 successful, Argentina in the defensive end tackle only the number of Medel less than 1 times, in the second row. In addition, Banega has two beautiful Argentines intercept, proved their excellent defensive ability with performance. But on the offensive end, Banega standard is superior to others, the precise footwork is recognized, but Milan international before the games for the ball, almost all Banega surgeon kick, and the quality is very high. Thirty-fourth minutes, Banega out on the right corner, the ball flying fast and arc strong sense, but Miranda headed a column on the left side. 2 minutes later, Miranda again kick on the right ball, and found Murillo inside the area, the latter came close with a header difference. Pass the series to Banega also play a vital role. According to statistics, baneh this game 98 foot pass 87 times successfully, the success rate of 89%. The people in Argentina to create a total of 6 players break opportunity, the data is for the audience, is two times the second Medel. Banega outstanding performance in midfield, helping the team active control of the game. In the offensive side of the team, I Karl Di is the soul of the team. Perhaps the new owner Zhang Jindong came to the scene to watch the game to bring pressure on the Nerazzurri offensive players, although there are several break opportunities, but the final score)相关的主题文章: