International Criminal Court those who destroy the environment can be charged with crimes against hu nvidia geforce gt 740m

The International Criminal Court: the destruction of the environment can be charged with crimes against humanity – Beijing, Beijing, September 17 Xinhua comprehensive report, announced the day before the International Criminal Court, the same environmental damage, the illegal exploitation of environmental crime related resources and plunder the land included in the scope of the crime of endangering human, the future of big business and political leaders are likely because the environment charged in the international criminal court. Reported that the International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor Bensouda said, for those engaged in or lead to environmental destruction and illegal exploitation of natural resources and land grabs "action, the court will give special consideration". The office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court’s Appellate lawyer Brady said, "this is not in court to join the new crime in the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court", but stressed that attention and expand on this crime. "What we are doing is to strengthen or expand our concerns about the destruction of the environment or the deprivation of property crimes," he said." She said the measure would send a powerful message that some of the people who wanted to commit suicide might listen. The International Criminal Court is a permanent international criminal tribunal established under the statute of the International Criminal Court in Rome in 1998, which began operations in Hague in 2002. The court has the right to be tried for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crime of aggression, but only the criminal responsibility of individuals, and is in the state of the court can not hear their own circumstances before intervention.相关的主题文章: