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International School Parents: your child is "worms" original title: children "net" early parents provoked "Curse" how to make the network become a children’s helper and tools, make network services for children, parents must also keep pace with the times, make up this course. As a 80, remember when you can eat spicy food, chewing a packet of popsicles, see comic feel particularly tall on. Today’s children? Look at the mobile phone, tablet computer play, playing online games, a variety of high-end equipment all — comparison of "others" childhood, really let people sigh with emotion. How common is this new media contact? The day before, China’s first children’s network security research report. The study found that the permeability of new media in children than adults think, early in the kindergarten period (3~6 years), children’s mobile phone contact rate reached 91.8%, the tablet computer contact rate was 83.4%; by the age of 9 at the age of 10, children have become adults and small users similar to junior high school; they have enough skill digital parents to shoot on the beach". The age of the Internet, the child’s childhood is bound to mark the era of the brand, which is inevitable, it is difficult to reverse. But about the children’s net, or caused a lot of concern of the public. First, younger age and screen slaves emerged. At present, the intelligent terminal has become almost a baby standard, has become an important part of childhood "indivisible", so that many children under the age of 3 have become "worms". The resulting game obsession, eye myopia, the impact of physical development and other issues are also increasing. Followed by the network security. At present, many of the children have been playing online games, chat, watch video every day as a major form of entertainment, network is a "double-edged sword", which is also hidden many hidden dangers, such as network violence, pornographic information, privacy and so on. In terms of privacy protection, according to a survey, when asked "if you fill in the online to real data, what would you do", only 32.5% of the children will ask the views of parents, and fill out the large proportion of adults so surprised. In fact, whether it is Internet habits or network problems, parents are to blame. All parents love their children, but they may not know how to love their children. Many parents compete for their children with electronic equipment, and it is regarded as the performance of love, its obsession with the Internet also showed amazing understanding and generosity". On the other hand, parents are the best teachers, many adults are "screen slaves", also in front of the children happiness within, inextricably bogged down in, exerts a subtle influence on children’s interests and habits. In addition to network security, many parents have failed to fulfill their duties. According to the report, many parents really big heart, half of the parents did not QQ, WeChat, micro-blog to become a child’s friends, over 60% parents did not choose the application, nor agreed to play time and content. For all the anxieties of children "net", we don’t need to talk about network of color, but also can not go. How to make the network become a child’s growth helper, assistants and tools, so that the network services in the child’s growth, parents are also相关的主题文章: