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Interview with Xu Weizhou: I live is also a controversy about the motivation of Sina entertainment news in the Asia Song awards ceremony, densely filled with fans to customize Xu Weizhou support Yilabao, which shows Xu Weizhou’s popularity. The debut of less than a year, the "new" Xu Weizhou with high popularity across the scene, the first album has opened a large drive tour, even the tour to South Korea and Thailand. And he went no matter at home or abroad, are racing fans and the stampede in cries. And won the Asian new song list of best New Year Award, it seems there is no suspense. As an actor, his debut, Xu Weizhou has admitted the next play is being planned, he is also on this kind of hot blooded gangster film works very interested. He calls the fans who have always supported him a powerful magic, and as for the controversy, "it will make me work harder and do better Xu Weizhou," he said. Has been adapted to be surrounded by fans, they are a powerful magic, Sina entertainment: first of all congratulations on winning the best newcomer award. What do you think of this award? Xu Weizhou: this award is to love me, support me, encourage me to give me, so I can get this award is very happy. Sina entertainment: this year has been busy Asian tour, also went abroad, have you ever thought that in those places have so high popularity? Xu Weizhou: actually, I didn’t really think about it at first. I went to Korea to Thailand. There are so many people who support me and care about me. I think this is a kind of lucky. Sina entertainment: would you like to expand overseas market with more overseas fans exchange? Xu Weizhou: of course, have the opportunity to communicate with them. Sina entertainment: debut less than a year, but your popularity is very high, you now have to adapt to this rhythm go out everywhere surrounded by fans. Xu Weizhou: actually, I’m used to it. Although this process is very fast, but I also slowly to accept. I think it is a good way to do a good job of myself, to continue to give a better state, better performance, better performances presented to them, but also a way to repay them. Sina entertainment: this year’s Asian song list slogen is a fan power, making popular". What do you think of the power of the fans? Xu Weizhou: I feel very grateful to them. As the title says, "the power of fans to make the fashion". They really are a very powerful magic, for me they are also my strong confidence, they are behind, I can walk the line. The voice of controversy is also the driving force of the "most want to cooperate with Jay Chou" Sina entertainment: you give us the impression that the creative aspects of the idea, do not know if you will have a new style? Xu Weizhou: if it’s the second album, I’ll keep my Xu Weizhou in the rock and roll, and pass on a positive energy. The style of the song may be quite changeable, and it will be popular. Sina entertainment: will they have been playing with the death of the metal on stage? Xu Weizhou: This is actually a hobby of my time, and a group of partners相关的主题文章: