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But the museum is free tickets   cattle earn thousands of yuan, the Travel Channel original title: Museum of free tickets cattle earn thousand yuan this museum can receive free tickets by appointment, but scalpers reselling to a 15 yuan, and sold to rush to the museum to visit or unsuspecting tourists, a day to sell nearly hundred thousand yuan, profit. Yesterday, the staff of the Beijing Museum of natural history, said the fight against ticket dealers, and joint efforts to strengthen the relevant departments to combat, while reminding visitors to get tickets from formal channels. Do not avoid security cattle "No appointment, want tickets?" 1 pm yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the Beijing Museum of natural history, has not yet come to the ticket window, we met two wearing a sun hat woman asked whether to vote. According to the two person, these tickets are with their own identity in the online booking, and then go to the window for each ticket 15 yuan. Are from the formal approach, we can definitely use this ticket, if you do not make an appointment to buy tickets to the window to spend 20 yuan." Reporters noted that the museum entrance of a total of 4 security personnel on duty, but the ticket touting without taboo, as long as I see someone, will be approached to sell tickets. The reporter learned from the museum, visitors can be 1 days in advance in the museum’s official website booking, if not online booking, the museum also in daily on the afternoon of 4 hours of opening live free channel, each time the opening 30 minutes, the visitors only need to hold the ID card will be queuing up for admission. If you really do not want to line up, you can spend 20 yuan to buy tickets from the ticket window, compared to free tickets, more than $20 tickets to watch more exhibitions. One day can sell nearly a hundred tickets with the children into the museum to visit Ms. Wong told reporters that he is a temporary decision to the museum, but also want to hurry into the museum to buy tickets from the hands of ticket dealers. "When we come in, although you can brush the identity of the scene to make an appointment, but then it was too hot outside, queuing and more people." MS Wong said he paid 30 yuan to get the ticket scalper after the ticket of two. Reporters found that Ms. Wong’s ticket and the museum sold 20 yuan ticket style is basically the same, but at the unit price was marked as $0. On duty in front of the museum, the security told reporters, long time entrenched in this ticket has seven or eight people, usually in the summer holidays in particular appear most frequently encountered, on-site appointment queues, will raise fares, they can sell hundreds of tickets a day, earning thousands of dollars. The museum continued to hit for invalid ticket scalping zero cost issue, the Beijing Museum of natural history is not absolutely ignorant of. The information center of the history museum said, the museum has been ongoing governance for scalping phenomenon, but the effect is not obvious. "These ticket dealers have a certain number of identity cards, they are through the online booking of identity information to obtain tickets. The museum has no enforcement power, so for these daopiao staff does not implement compulsory measures, can only do some behavioral intervention, but with little success. Later we contacted the police and inspectors, until they have some deterrent, but the person goes, and a stirring among the dry bones." Mr. Shi said that the future of the museum side相关的主题文章: