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IPhone8 "conclusive evidence" is not surprising that such a patent together   perhaps is iPhone8 in your mind is not already iPhone8 stereotypes? I must admit that before iPhone8 did not come out, all the online rumors about iPhone8 said the good point that speculation, that ugly point is "nonsense", maybe is wrong. But there is a saying: "mistakes lead us to evolution." Although it is a little exaggerated, but some ideas lead us into a new world – Open Porte de versailles. If you want to "practical" point "speculation" about iPhone8, iPhone8 in the end will be like? The author believes that through the patent technology products to the future is a most reliable path, of course, all roads lead to Rome, you can also be predicted from hearsay, the great God broke the news, product trends. But this time I will analyze the patent application from apple in the past few months. Look at what iPhone8 might be using? Why does Apple pay so much attention to patents? First, we take a look at the day of October 6, 2016 of the patent, the author is just a small part of the screenshot, count it, that day has 39 patents. Here, including technology, shape design, and even some ideas, but these technologies can not be achieved, but an effect preview. Apple Corp October patent (from freshpatents) into a patent can be seen in detail, for example, where patent application, the Patent Description etc.. At the same time, there is a patent icon below, detailing the role of the patent. But you need to register to download the PDF file version. One of the patent application example of Apple Corp in October (from freshpatents) this picture can be seen in the nearly 10 years of Apple patent volume trend (the site at the beginning of 2015 did not update, so the display volume in 2015 is very small, but in 2006 -2014 years) of the patent or increasing. Apple 2006-2015 registered the Patent Statistics (from baiten) cause apple to take lots of patents, the author summed up the following reasons: 1, first of all is to protect their technology will not be violated, 2 for other system mobile phone patent war to seize the opportunities in 3, and even can be used to limit the patent system as the input of other mobile phone Apple patent technology "mobile devices very thin Si fear" to what extent? We know that in the browse information interface to the bottom after a "rebound" effect, actually this is one of the many fine apple patent; in fact the most so I was surprised that this is: when the user sliding screen, especially when browsing the web page scroll down the page, the system will automatically lock the transverse in the horizontal scroll, scroll the page, the system will automatically lock the longitudinal rolling. When the user scrolls the page irregularly, the page can be.相关的主题文章: