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IRobot domestic first water wiping robot path planning technology – Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Yi Yuan Zhi things (zhidx) August 30th news August 30th American brand iRobot sweeping robot released in Beijing: new water wiping machine Braava jet. This machine is designed according to the Chinese family, compact and easy to use, the price of 1999 yuan, has been pre-sale in Tmall and Jingdong. This is the first time iRobot held a product launch in the country, Braava jet is the third wiping machine, according to the characteristics of China’s more climate dust, smaller room and more features and design. Appearance: small square Braava jet appearance is square, length and width of about 15cm, 8.4cm high, can be drilled under the sofa to clean the dust under the bed, and cover most of the corner of the family. Intelligence: the path planning new navigation model has the ability of path planning, and has the memory function, do not repeat the ground. Close to furniture, walls and other objects will slow down, near the table legs will be 360 degrees rotation cleaning. IRobot also designed the app, can directly control the robot through the phone to open and close. Simple: automatic cleaning mode Braava jet has three kinds of cleaning methods, respectively, wet and dry wet wipe wipe clean, as long as the corresponding cleaning machine in Buka below, the robot will be able to tag cleaning cloth behind the cleaning mode. In the wet wipe mode, the robot will automatically spray front, in a place where the brush back and forth three times, and can identify obstacles in front, if there are walls, carpet and other obstacles will stop water; wet wipe mode, the robot will be a one-time clean ground; finally the dry sweeping mode will wipe in dry condition next, for the South rainy weather. Braava jet does not have a dust box designed to clean all the dirt on the cleaning cloth. The original three cleaning cloth can be used more than 50 times, in addition to Braava jet also launched a one-time cleaning cloth, eliminating the trouble of cleaning. According to iRobot CEO Angle introduction, iRobot sweeping robot in the United States, Japan, Germany, the market share of more than 70%, in the United States is to reach more than 90%, Colin. He believes that China is the next big market, so this year officially established a branch in Shanghai, after the Chinese market to create more products. * * * * * * Chi things intelligence industry cutting-edge media only reported VR AR AI robot; UAV; intelligent vehicle intelligent travel; intelligent furniture networking; smart wearable intelligent medical in these 5 areas. Concerned about the wisdom of the East and West Public number (zhidxcom), real-time understanding of the five cutting-edge technology industry news.相关的主题文章: