Iron lowered coal tariff today, coal enterprises expected to reduce the burden of ten billion yuan-vy canis majoris

Total iron today cut coal price of coal enterprises is expected to reduce ten billion yuan original title: total iron lower tariffs of coal enterprises burden of tens of billions of dollars from China material reporter Railway Corporation (referred to as the total iron) learned that, since February 4, 2016, total iron cut coal price reduced 1 cents per ton kilometer. According to preliminary estimates, the move will save about 10 billion yuan of logistics costs for the coal enterprises throughout the year. Informed sources said, after the total iron price adjustment for the individual Railway Bureau, causing controversy, the unified price reduction is conducive to creating a more equitable market environment. Wang Mengshu, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, said that China’s railway prices are too low, and long-term decoupling from the market, making the market push forward difficult. In 2013 August the State Council issued the "on the reform of the railway investment and financing system to accelerate railway construction opinions" put forward, adhere to the railway freight market-oriented reforms, to maintain a reasonable price relations in accordance with the principles of railway and highway to develop national railway freight rates, step by step to rationalize the price level, the dynamic adjustment mechanism and the establishment of rail freight price with the highway freight price change. After the release of the policy, the China Railway Corporation began to adjust the price of railway freight at the beginning of each year. In 2015, China’s economic downward pressure increased, coupled with a serious excess capacity, in this situation, the railway freight also appeared oversupply situation. Statistics show that the amount of railway freight transport in 2015 amounted to 34 tons, down 4.1 tons, representing a year-on-year decline of 10.53%, setting a record of the largest decline in China’s railway freight history. In order to complete the transportation task, the railway bureau also appeared the phenomenon of sourcing goods. The sources said, the total iron in the end of 2015 was approved by Hohhot Railway Bureau, Inner Mongolia railway transport down to the port of Inner Mongolia port coal price, 14 yuan lower than in Datong Qinhuangdao tons, which had no small impact on the coal market in Shanxi, in order to reduce the cost of transportation, many coal enterprises at Hohhot Coal Transportation Bureau made a detour, the move in the Railway Bureau caused no small controversy, total iron unified price, to create a more fair competitive market environment. Total iron, the railway sector will be through internal potential and improve efficiency, optimize transportation organization, increase energy savings, further play a key role in the railway in the comprehensive transportation system. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

铁总今日下调煤炭运价 煤企预计减负百亿元   原标题:铁总下调运价 煤企料减负百亿元    记者从中国铁路总公司(简称铁总)了解到,自2016年2月4日起,铁总下调煤炭运价,每吨公里降低1分钱。据初步测算,此举全年将为煤炭企业节省物流费用100亿元左右。消息人士表示,此前铁总为个别铁路局调价,引起争议,此次统一降价有利于营造更公平的市场环境。    中国工程院院士王梦恕表示,我国铁路价格过低,长期与市场脱钩,使得市场化推进艰难。2013年8月份国务院发布的《关于改革铁路投融资体制加快推进铁路建设的意见》提出,坚持铁路运价改革市场化取向,按照铁路与公路保持合理比价关系的原则制定国铁货运价格,分步理顺价格水平,并建立铁路货运价格随公路货运价格变化的动态调整机制。政策发布后,中国铁路总公司每年年初都对铁路货运价格进行调价。    2015年我国经济下行压力加大,加之产能严重过剩,在这种形势下,铁路货运也出现了供过于求的状况。统计数据显示,2015年铁路货运发送量为34亿吨,同比下降4.1亿吨,同比跌幅达10.53%,创下中国铁路货运有史以来的最大跌幅纪录。    为了完成运输任务,铁路局之间也出现了抢货源的现象。有消息人士表示,铁总在2015年底曾批准呼和浩特铁路局下调内蒙古到港口的铁路运输价格,内蒙古的煤炭进入港口比大秦线低14元 吨,这对山西煤炭市场产生了不小冲击,为了降低运输成本,不少煤炭企业不惜绕道走呼和浩特局运输煤炭,此举在各铁路局引起不小争议,铁总统一调价,有利于营造更加公平的市场竞争环境。    铁总表示,铁路部门将通过内部挖潜提效,优化运输组织,增产节支降耗,进一步发挥好铁路在综合交通运输体系中的骨干作用。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: