Island Tourism in homogeneous jail experts propose new network – personality label

Island Tourism in "homogeneous jail" expert advice – the new network personality label is 2016 "Island Resort products forum scene Li Jiayun photo Beijing, September 23 Zhoushan Xinhua (reporter Li Jiayun) both romantic Bali Island, or passionate Hawaii, a sea of style, island of a world, a variety of flavours the island with unique natural and cultural endowments attracts thousands of tourists by sand waves. In September 22nd 2016, the International Tourism Island Conference opened in Zhejiang Zhoushan in 2016, "held on the island resort products forum, experts and scholars from airlines, resort hotels, and tourist areas electricity supplier network and other research institutions are to explore the construction of island tourism personalized and diversified" path depth". At present, island tourism has become one of the world’s fastest growing tourist areas, along with the arrival of the era of ocean leisure, marine tourism, A new force suddenly rises. just unfolding. But with the development of the hot island tour, simplification and homogenization of tourism products are also popular. Shenzhen Fun Travel International Travel Service Co. Ltd. founder and CEO luanjie that earlier, island tourism market with the tour flooded the market, these products are mostly standard packages, lack of service differentiation. In the world of island tourism raging like a storm situation, lack of originality, blind imitation of island tourism products from the competition in the market will be defeated. Now, in the face of "homogeneous trap", personalized theme is becoming the major island in the world have resorted to "trump card". Deputy Secretary of the Hainan Provincial People’s Government of Sanya City long Li Jun, Sanya in the development of Wuzhizhou Island tourism resort area, through the integration of mountain, jungle, forest, rocks, flowers and other very Wuzhizhou Island characteristics of island tourism resources, and gradually develop all kinds of diving, dynamic flying boats, motor boats, etc. more than thirty kinds of drag umbrella travel experience project, let tourists enjoy sightseeing and leisure experience a variety of consumer demand. But honest people, still retain the original scenery "Oceania pearl" – Tonga, is always attractive island paradise. Tonga Airlines CEOPulotuFietauPalu said that all along, Tonga are trying to indigenous culture, ethnic customs show in front of tourists. In her view, create a tourist destination, also want to pay attention to the local cultural heritage, to create exclusive cultural activities, highlighting the identity and cultural features, rather than just "call" location. Look to the East meandering coastline, 1390 islands of Zhejiang Zhoushan, Taohua Island, Shengsi, with Mount Putuo and other scenic spots, constitute the "island city" unique scenery. In recent years, Zhoushan actively promote the quality of island and island hostel and other high-end tourism product development, but also around the island, ecology, seafood, fishing village, folk culture, Buddhist culture and other characteristics of resources, build a diversified product system of marine tourism in Zhejiang. During the 2016 International Conference of island tourism, Tourism Research Institute president Dai Bin Chinese said, Chinese leisure needs pay attention to the traditional "Leshan, water" concept, love is "green)相关的主题文章: